Some Tips for Your iPhone/iPad/Macbook Battery

Charge your battery when the INDICATOR turns red, and remove the charging cable when the battery is full or 100%.

We device users often run out of battery which causes the device to run out of juice completely, it is not advisable to let the battery remain empty for too long especially for days because it can cause the battery to not have initial power to turn the device back on, which can lead to the battery totally broken and in turn cause damage to the device itself. On the other hand, if you charge your battery excessively, it can shorten the battery's life even resulting in bloating or expanding the size of the battery.

Do not open strenuous applications such as camera, video, or games while charging the battery.

While you charge the battery, the device's performance will be focused on the performance of power storage to battery. To obtain optimum charging then we suggest to position the device in a state of Stand By, if you use the device while charging much less strenuous applications, the performance of the device will be interrupted and the charging is not optimal. It can also cause damage to the battery and the device.

Do not charge the battery through a car charger too frequent and excessively.

The power that charges into the battery comes from the car engine's rotation, if the car is operating in high speed the battery will quickly be filled, otherwise at low speeds, the charging process will be slower. With these uncertain road conditions charging through a car charger is not very good for the device, in addition to damaging the battery it can also damage the engine on the device.

Always use original and high quality charging accessories.

An advanced feature embedded in Apple products provides a warning of the use of unoriginal accessories. Every time you use a fake accessory your device will reject and give a warning. If we do not heed to the warning on an ongoing basis it will cause a fatal damage to the battery and the device.

Make sure the electric socket power suppler is safe to prevent short-circuit from happening.

If there are signs of a short circuit on the ignition, you should move to stop charging to other socket, and immediately recheck the outlet to avoid damage to the device and prevent catastrophic fires.

Note: Age of each battery is measured through a battery cycle count. Each 1x battery charge reaching 100% is calculated as one cycle, it goes on until the battery cycle count has reached its maximum count and the battery considered damaged.

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