How to Set Up iPad To Be Completely Safe for Kids

Service iPad - Times have changed, before children were born with a loaf of bread in their hands and now they are born with a cell phone in their hands. It can be said that children enter the world of new technology at an earlier age. Therefore, parents learn to create parental controls on their devices. Next, we will tell you, step by step, how to configure a children's iPad to be completely safe. Don't miss these security tips related to iOS and Apple tablets.

Parental Controls to Keep Kids' iPads Safe

Whether your child has an iPad of their own (many families allow it when the child reaches a certain age) or uses your Apple tablet from time to time, the first thing you should do is set some ground rules. Because letting him use this device without further ado would lead to an argument.

For this reason, we advise you to talk in advance about important aspects such as usage time, whether it can be used on weekends or also during the day, what you can do with the device (playing, connecting with friends, using networking networks). social media, watching videos on YouTube, searching for information for homework) and don'ts (downloading apps without permission, making purchases), etc.

It's also important to remind kids that iPad shouldn't take up time when kids have to do other things like doing homework, playing at home, going outside or playing sports. Everything seems very logical but the screen of this device appeals to any child. So your child will soon be using excuses and more reasons for you to continue using iPad.

The second thing you need to do before handing your iPad over to your child is to set up the following parental controls. So it will be a totally safe device for kids!

Limit Apple tablet content and time

Let's start with content and privacy restrictions. As a very important first step for children to use Apple tablets safely. Take the iPad that your son or daughter usually uses and we will set any specific limits you deem appropriate according to their age and level of responsibility.

In the “settings” section, press “usage time”. Then select “this is my iPad” or “this is my child's iPad”. Then press the content and privacy restrictions that you think are appropriate; take your time to read it and understand it well.

On the other hand, these iOS device settings also allow you to set a usage time limit, i.e. how many minutes the kids can spend using it each day. In the “settings”, “parent code” section you have to generate a code and enter your Apple ID and there set the usage time. When this time expires, the device will turn off or a warning will appear.

How to manage iTunes and App Store purchases on iPad

To prevent your child from making in-app purchases or downloading apps you don't know about, go back to “settings”, tap “iTunes and App Store purchases” tick “don't allow”, “save settings” and you're all set. Have you seen how simple it is?

On the other hand, to restrict the use of certain iPad apps and features, you can't remove them, but you can disable them from appearing on the home screen. This is useful, for example, if you don't want kids messing with your email. Thanks to this parental control, it will be temporarily hidden until you enable it yourself. In the “Allowed apps” section, you can choose which apps you want to allow and which ones you don't.

Additionally, there is the ability to configure or limit the use of Apple's Game Center. Follow this step by step with a kid's iPad: in the same “content and privacy restrictions” section, you'll need to go to Game Center and restrict the settings you deem appropriate, such as multiplayer gaming, adding friends, or screen recording to prevent screenshots. .

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