5 Very Easy But Useful Tricks for Mac

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Mac has many features available to make our computing easier and we discuss them regularly. But here we are going to highlight five very simple but very useful tricks that Mac users can access and use. Some of these tips may be known to power users and some are less known to others. Read on to learn some of these cool tricks.

Use Dictionary Search and Access to Wikipedia

Have you ever read an article or document and wanted to know what a certain word meant? Maybe you want to learn more about a specific topic or term? The Mac search feature gives you instant access to dictionaries, thesaurus, and Wikipedia:

  • Right-click on any word and select "Search Up" (alternatively, you can use a three-finger tap on the trackpad)

The same search function can be used for movie and app names. Please note that taps to define capabilities can be enabled separately in Trackpad settings in Mac OS.

View All Opened Windows

It's easy to look cluttered with open windows, files, and applications, and then lose certain documents or windows in your settings. The best way to find what you're looking for is to use the Mission Control feature, which shows all open windows on a Mac:

  • Press Control + Up Arrow key (alternatively, you can swipe up with four fingers on the trackpad)

Now all the open windows on your computer are right in front of you, it's easy to scan and click on one of them to bring it to the front. This is one of our favorite Mission Control cheats, but there are many more that are just as useful.

Quick Access Emojis

Emojis are very popular, and the Mac has an Emoji panel with very easy shortcuts, where you can also navigate to the Emoji button instantly:

  • Wherever you can enter text, press Command + Control + Space to open the Emoji panel

This shortcut trick is the fastest and easiest way to type Emoji on your Mac.

Use Spotlight As an App Launcher and Document Opener

If you're quick with your keyboard, using Spotlight as an app launcher and document opener is very fast and efficient:

  • Press Command + space, then enter the name of the application or document you want to open and press return

For both experienced typing and expert users, Spotlight is one of the fastest ways to access just about anything on your Mac. There are a few other useful Spotlight typing tricks to discover here if you're interested.

Mute Notifications For 24 Hours

Are you bothered by constant warnings and notifications from Mac OS about software updates, new maps, reminders, incoming messages, new emails, photos someone posts in your social networks, and all the other notification annoyances? You can directly access “Do Not Disturb” mode with a simple trick and silence all alerts for a day:

  • Hold down the OPTION key and click the Notifications icon at the top of the screen

This will put your Mac into Do Not Disturb mode and turn off Notification Center and silence all warnings for 24 hours on Mac OS, no more annoying alerts, notifications or other unpleasant inconveniences, making it easier to focus.

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