Most Useful Mac Tricks Not Many People Know

Service MacBook - While macOS is designed to be easy for everyone to use without outside help, its endless list of features is bound to go unnoticed. There is a function that we all know because it is easy to find. Others are less intuitive. But that's what we created this list of Mac “cheats” to bring out the surprises that macOS hides.

Some of these Mac tricks you might discover by accident or maybe someone else told you. And the third group, directly you may not know this feature which you may not need. But surely they will come in handy in your daily life when you need to lock your Mac screen, edit PDF documents without any third-party apps, insert emoji, directly rename files, find something on the internet without opening Safari or minimizing opening windows.

Quick Action with Hot Corners

Hot Corners is a macOS feature that lets you perform certain tasks instantly by simply placing your mouse cursor in one of the four corners of the screen. This feature is configured from System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners. You can assign a quick action for each active corner. By default, by placing the cursor in the lower right corner, you will be able to take quick notes.

The list of quick actions includes: start the screen saver, open Mission Control, bring the Desktop, open an application window to the foreground, bring up Notification Center, bring up Launchpad, take a quick note, put the screen to sleep, and finally, lock screen.

With this trick you can quickly lock your Mac screen so that no one can access your computer without your permission. It's a faster way to perform this action from the Apple menu or by pressing the Control, Command, and Q keys.

Change Folder Icon

If you need to organize a bit in your macOS folders and giving them a real name or setting a color label isn't enough, you can change their default icon for any image in PNG or JPG format. So you will surely find every folder in a jiffy. One of the easiest and most practical Mac tricks to use.

To change the icon for each folder, the quickest way to do this is to select the folder and press Command + i. In the window that will open, you will see an icon in the upper left corner. You can extract that icon and paste it into Preview via Clipboard to get the icon as an image. You can paste an image to replace the icon. Just select the icon and press Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste.

Show Hidden Files in Finder

On macOS, there are a number of files and folders that we cannot see with the naked eye. Usually because we don't have that need. These are untouchable system elements or simply files with data for macOS operation that don't look aesthetically pleasing. These hidden files and folders are hidden for a reason.

But if you're curious or need to see that hidden content, you can do so with a simple keyboard shortcut. Just open Finder and press Shift, Command, and colon/colon keys. In any location, previously hidden files and folders will appear. They differ from the others in that they are rendered in softer colors. By pressing that key combination again, you will stop seeing hidden files.

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