The Best Functions of the iPad Mini Will Reach Other Apple Tablets

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - The iPad mini is Apple's best-selling tablet, and last September they launched their new version on the market, the iPad mini 6, the model that made a big splash thanks to the new features that have been very well received among iPad lovers. And it depends on how you hold the device, either horizontally or vertically, the buttons will also change in function.

And the best thing is that even if you don't own this new model, you will be able to enjoy the same functionality thanks to the next update to iPadOS 15.4. With that said, the buttons on some iPad models can change depending on whether the user is holding them horizontally or vertically.

A Twitter user who has also gone viral noticed that, by default, the iPad has a setting which is responsible for keeping the volume control in the same position. In his tweet, he mentioned a new button dubbed as "Fixed Position Volume Control". The user can choose to activate it if he does not want the position of the buttons to change depending on the orientation of the tablet whether it is in a horizontal or vertical position.

Update iPad to iPadOS 15.4

To enable it, when your iPad has been updated to iPadOS 15.4, you will need to go to Settings and Sounds, where you will find the option Disable fixed position volume control. If disabled, the volume up button will be placed on the right or up, and the volume down button will remain on the left or down, no matter what orientation the tablet is positioned.

Currently, the new functionality hasn't appeared in iOS 15.4 beta, but it has appeared on some iPad Pro and iPad Air models with iPadOS 15.4. This Beta version has been released, and the final version is now available for us to enjoy. And it's also today that Apple will launch the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in green and the iPhone SE (2022).

In the iPadOs 15.4 update we'll also see Universal Controls, where iPads and Macs with the same Apple ID can also enjoy universal cursors. Without a doubt, one of the best updates for Apple tablet users. Because indeed every update released by Apple is always awaited by its users and this update often provides significant improvements for devices that get the update.

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