Common iPad Pro Problems and Solutions to Overcome Them

iPad Repair Jakarta - The large iPad Pro screen, good battery life, the iPadOS operating system, and also the Magic Keyboard make anyone tempted to buy this Apple tablet. These attractive devices are perfect for productivity and creativity, and Apple nearby has turned tablets into laptops. However, despite all these strengths, the iPad Pro, like any gadget in general, is not without its drawbacks.

There are currently some of the most commonly reported iPad Pro problems online. So what are the problems and how to solve them?

1. iPad Pro Turns Off or Restarts Itself

One of the issues gleaned from several threads on Apple's support forums is about the iPad Pro turning off by itself or restarting for no apparent reason.

 Then what is the solution to this problem? Most of those issues have been resolved through software updates. Make sure you are using the latest iOS/iPadOS version for your tablet by checking in Settings > General > Software Update. Then tap Download & Install when an update is available. You must be running at least iPadOS 14, as every iPad Pro is eligible for the latest software update.

  • Simultaneously hold down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo. This method can at least be done in fixing the problem temporarily.
  • If you see if the crash occurs while you are using a certain app or playing a certain game then try to uninstall it and test to see if the issue is gone.
  • Back up your data, then try a factory reset. Restore your backup once done then test to see if the problem returns. If so, then you might consider a factory reset followed by setting up the iPad Pro as a new device. It's possible that one of your installed apps or something in the settings is causing the crash, so setting up the device as new can help. But be careful when you start reinstalling apps for anything that looks like it could be causing problems.

If the problem persists after you factory reset or set the device as new, then you need to contact a trusted service provider for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Echo on Skype Calls and Other Video Calls

This one issue has also been reported multiple times on Apple support forums as well as on Microsoft forums. But the problem does not occur with FaceTime, but it is experienced by a number of third-party applications such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.

The problem appears to be a software issue. The fact that FaceTime isn't having problems suggests that other video calling app developers might be able to update their software. It's probably best to uninstall the app you're having trouble with, turn off the iPad Pro, then turn it back on, and then reinstall the app.

Look under Settings > General > Software Update to make sure your iPad Pro has the latest software from Apple. If the problem persists, you can contact the developer of the problematic app and report it.

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