Don't Leave! In Danger of Leaving a Broken iPhone Screen Too Long

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - Now technology has developed in such a way that it can make the iPhone screen stronger than the previous series. But of course even though it becomes stronger, it doesn't mean it is crack-resistant.

Causes of Damage to iPhone Screen

Generally, the damage to the damaged iPhone screen is located on the outermost screen (touchscreen) of the iPhone. However, ordinary people say that all the damage that occurs at the forefront of the iPhone is screen damage, including damage that occurs to the iPhone LCD.

Damage to the iPhone screen or LCD can be caused by many things. Where the cause of the iPhone screen is damaged most often is due to a collision. This collision can occur when the iPhone is dropped or pressed by a hard object. A broken iPhone screen can also occur when you are hit by a hard object while you are walking.

So what to do when the iPhone screen becomes damaged or cracked? Of course the only thing that needs to be done is to fix it. The repair must be adjusted to the damaged area, for example only screen replacement, LCD replacement only, or both replacements can be done.

Things That Can Aggravate Damage to a Broken iPhone Screen

An iPhone screen that is already damaged or cracked is more susceptible to further damage. For example, the appearance of screen damage such as black spots for example. Small black dots that appear on the iPhone screen can spread quickly because of the liquid nature of the LCD which is easy to spread if there is a leak.

A cracked iPhone screen is prone to spreading because a cracked iPhone screen doesn't have the same resistance as before it was damaged or cracked. Cracks are smooth and also spread when exposed to pressure. Simple things, for example pressing a broken iPhone screen with a finger can also cause the crack to become wider.

Fragments from the screen and leaks in the liquid inside the LCD can spread to the surrounding area, such as the PCB and other components. This is certainly a dangerous thing for your iPhone and also your security. Just imagine if a cracked iPhone injures your body or other dangerous things that might happen.

Broken iPhone Screen Replacement

When the iPhone screen is damaged or broken, an iPhone screen replacement must be done immediately. A damaged iPhone screen should be replaced immediately with a new, original iPhone screen. The KW iPhone screen certainly has a different quality from the original. The difference is very obvious that can be seen from the quality of the screen and also the colors displayed.

Replacement of a damaged iPhone screen must also be done carefully because the iPhone has small components in it. The touchscreen screen is also attached to the iPhone frame with the help of several bolts and valves. The iPhone bolt is of course different from other smartphone bolts. Replacing the iPhone screen also requires extra precision. Fragments or fine screen cracks can be left in the body of the iPhone. This, of course, can interfere with the work of the iPhone. For these reasons, the replacement of a damaged or cracked iPhone screen should be carried out by experienced professionals.

We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget iPhone Repair Service Jakarta.

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