Everything We Know About the iPad Air 5

Service iPad - We know very little about the iPad Air 5, one of Apple's next iPads that shouldn't take long to make its official appearance, so it'll be easier to break down everything we know so far about this new tablet before Apple itself brings it to you.

It's very likely that there will be an iPad Air 5, even though currently the iPad Air 4 is still on sale, the tablet which will be 2 years old from its launch in September 2022, has no news about the new generation during 2021 and who knows if not also in 2022.

Unlike the iPhone which has a new generation every year, the same is not happening with the iPad, or at least with the Air models as you may have seen, because in 2021 we don't get any news about the new generation.

iPad Air in 2022?

Apple never mentions what products will arrive soon, so the arrival date of the iPad Air 5 is completely unknown and we can only deduce an approximate date for two reasons, either through leaks on social media and forums or through scheduled events.

Through the second reason, Apple does send out several invitations to participate in the event to different media, although without revealing the product, but on some occasions it is predictable what will be presented based on the release date and taking into account that new products may be missing from your catalog.

The iPad Air 2022 may well appear in 2022, although the reality is that it is very difficult to predict when it will, and that is that the previous iPad models haven't been presented year after year, but it's been years where they have brought nothing, let's see:

  • iPad Air 4: 2020
  • iPad Air 3: 2019
  • iPad Air 2: 2014
  • iPad Air: 2013

Will we see the iPad Air 5 in 2022? Maybe yes, who knows if it will come along with the iPhone 14 or for some other iPad models, because we remember that we have a choice of iPad Pro, iPad Mini, etc.

Some Improvements Leaked

One of the latest leaks reveals that the iPad Air 5 could undergo very little display and internal changes. According to experts, it could be logical that this is the case as the iPad Air 4 does bring some modifications to the design level that later models won't update.

This will be the one thing that is highlighted from the iPad Air 5, everything indicates that Apple will only update the internal components, it will definitely bring a new processor model, improved connectivity, maybe some changes in the internal storage configuration and very little else.

It's also expected to bring iOS 15 as standard and be a device that will be updated for a few years as Apple has always done. On the outside, although it doesn't look like there will be any changes, the iPad Air 5 could opt to sport an OLED panel, though that hasn't been confirmed. This means better quality, better contrast and colours, so it would be a good change if we also added a reduction in the bezel size, it is currently unknown if this will happen or not.

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