Some 16-inch MacBook Pros May Have Battery Charging Problems

Service MacBook - The release of the latest Apple product in terms of hardware in Spain has turned the market upside down. The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are an example, because they are not only great laptops, but also products that have continuous technological innovation for years to come. However, they didn't get rid of some bugs like other Apple products, and users are already starting to notice some of them.

As some users have started to report, some 16-inch MacBook Pros are having issues with the MagSafe connector one of them. When the computer is completely off, the MagSafe connector doesn't always charge the computer, and that's just one of its drawbacks.

Other users also claim that when they connect the computer to an external monitor and close the laptop completely, the result is that the monitor does not turn on. Apple is aware of the situation, and will be rolling out a series of recommendations for affected users.

The first complaint arose on a community site Reddit, from user Trillionaire. It shows in the video how he tries to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max completely shutting down, and the MagSafe charging connector starts flashing orange. When it flashes in this way, it means that charging is not done properly.

In parallel, other users have described problems with external monitors. Usually, all bugs determine that closing the cover on a MacBook Pro is causing problems with the external monitor. Some attribute this fact to macOS Monterey and others believe that this is a problem with most modern MacBook Pros. This issue, however, is not known whether it is widespread or if it affects a smaller group of users.

Apple Realized It

According to Trillionaire, the team in charge of Apple's support has contacted him and given him a set of guidelines to follow. Trillionaire ensures that Apple is "aware" and for this Apple has shared some guidelines for users to follow:

  • Put the computer in sleep mode.
  • Charge the computer with the cover open.
  • Connect the MagSafe cable before turning off the computer.

Some of the users who responded to Trillionaire also confirmed that the issue is in the MagSafe port, and not in charging via USB-C. For now, it remains to be seen if this is a more serious issue or otherwise, we are facing a series of faulty units.

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