Want a Durable MacBook? Check Out the Following Tips for Cleaning the Right MacBook

Service MacBook - Knowing how to clean a Macbook properly is of course one of the important things so that your device avoids potential damage in the future. Before you clean your MacBook, you need to turn it off, disconnect the power source and anything connected and if necessary you can remove the battery. So what are the tips you need to pay attention to? Check out the full review below:

Avoid Cleaning Macbooks Using Cleaning Wipes

In most cases, simply wetting a microfiber or other lint-free cloth with a little warm (not hot) water is enough to keep the screen and keyboard of your Macbook away from dust or dirt. Avoid using any cleaning solution, although a small amount of mild detergent can work for stains, it's best to avoid it. Many cleaning wipes contain hydrogen peroxide or bleach which can damage the aluminum surface of your MacBook and over time eat away at the anti-reflective coating on the screen. You should also avoid aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives, or cleaners that contain hydrogen peroxide, which can damage the screen finish.

Place the Macbook Screen in a Flat Position

One trick you can try to make cleaning your MacBook screen easier is to tilt the computer backwards 90 degrees so that the screen lies flat and the keyboard is upright where the screen normally is.

But you need to put a soft cloth under the screen to avoid scratches. Since all the weight is on the keyboard side of the MacBook, you'll want to get it closer to a 90-degree angle. It's much easier to clean the Macbook's screen in that position.

Just wipe gently with a lint-free cloth. If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, then be extra careful not to tap it when cleaning because the MacBook will turn on. While you won't damage your MacBook by cleaning it while the screen is on, smudges and dirt will be easier to see when the screen is dark.

Don't be Afraid to Clean Dust and Dirt with a Soft Brush

You can also use a small, soft brush to remove any dirt, grime, or debris that may have accumulated between the buttons or in the hidden hinge areas. But you need to use a small brush that is designed for a smoother surface.

Don't Spray Any Liquid On MacBook

Avoid using a spray bottle to clean your screen or keyboard even if it only contains water. If you use glass cleaner, it could seep into your MacBook and damage internal components.

Even if your MacBook is turned off because technically a MacBook never actually shuts down unless you open it and remove the battery. There's always power circulating inside, so don't spray liquids on your MacBook even if you've turned off your Mac.

Instead, you can dampen a lint-free cloth under warm water, then wipe your MacBook with a damp cloth. Distilled water is even better if you have one on hand, but usually tap water is fine too but make sure the water isn't too hot.

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