Tips for Setting Screen Time on iPad

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - Many iPad users may be wondering how they can stop their iPad screen from sleeping automatically. If you want to stop iPad from sleeping or turn off the screen yourself, you can easily do so through settings.

For those who may not know or do not know; iPad will put itself to sleep and turn off the screen when not in use after a while. This mechanism is the default because it helps to save battery and can be used to increase the security of the device because by sleeping itself, the iPad will be locked with the device passcode as well.

Of course, this is a harmless thing. Nonetheless, some users may find the automatic sleep behavior of the iPad quite annoying. You also need to distinguish between automatic screen sleep behavior that occurs with inactivity, automatic display brightness adjustment and also that occurs due to changes in ambient lighting. If you wish, you can disable or enable the automatic brightness setting on iOS.

So what exactly can be done to stop the iPad screen from sleeping and locking automatically? For modern versions of iOS, you can stop iPad from sleeping screen by inactivity, or delay how long it takes iPad from screen sleep, by doing the following:

  1. First you need to open “Settings” app on iPad
  2. Then go to "Display & Brightness" then select "Auto-Lock"
  3. You can choose one of the following options according to your iPad display needs:
  • Never: This option stops iPad from sleeping completely. You can choose to select "Never" as the option where that option will prevent the iPad completely from sleeping the screen on its own.
  • More options: 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes

If you want to completely disable the iPad's screen sleep behavior, you can select "Never". But what you need to note is that by selecting that option, you do need to lock the iPad screen yourself by pressing the lock or power button on the device (or by using the virtual lock button via Accessibility).

But you need to keep in mind that there are security and privacy consequences with the Never option. Why is that? Because if the iPad doesn't sleep on its own and locks automatically, then anyone can freely use your device at any time just by walking it into an active and active state. It is of course entirely up to you or the last person on the iPad to turn off the screen and also lock it with the lock button.


While the more appropriate option for many users is the 10 or 15 minute option, which allows you to have enough time to stare at the screen without interacting with it, before the iPad screen turns off completely by itself.

The 15-minute option is indeed widely chosen by fans of reading manuals or guides, reading notes or tabs, and chefs or other kitchen enthusiasts who do use iPads to read recipes when cooking.

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