Know the Characteristics of a Broken iPhone Machine and the Solution

iPhone Repair Jakarta - What are the characteristics of a broken iPhone machine? The explanation this time will reveal information about the characteristics of a damaged iPhone machine where of course the goal is to educate you. In addition, it also aims so that you don't panic if you find one of the characteristics that will be described below because there is already a solution to overcome it.

Speaker Icon Greyed Out

One of the characteristics of the machine that the iPhone is damaged is the presence of damage to the audio IC. IC Audio is a microchip that has a function to adjust audio functions, especially when you are on a call. The characteristics of a damaged iPhone audio IC include the following:

  • Unable to record sound
  • Voice memo grayed out or grayed out
  • Siri can't hear your voice
  • Speaker button is greyed out when you're on a call

The easiest way to check if your iPhone's audio IC is faulty is to make a regular phone call. Then if you see a grayed out speaker icon on the screen, it can be ascertained that the damage is on the audio IC. Then what is the solution to this problem? The solution, of course, is to repair the audio IC.

iPhone Can't Charge or Charge

If your iPhone won't charge, there are 3 possibilities:

  • The battery is already weak
  • The charger port is damaged
  • Damage to the charger IC

So if your iPhone can't charge or can't charge, and you've tried changing the battery or charger port, then the damage is in the charger IC. IC charger is also often referred to as IC U2 or IC charging. The solution to this problem, of course, is to service the iPhone charger IC. You can contact the services of a trusted iPhone repair specialist to carry out the repair.

Touchscreen Not Working or Sometimes Working Sometimes Not

This problem is also one of the characteristics of a damaged iPhone machine. If your touchscreen is not working, then there are 2 possibilities, namely damage to the LCD or due to damage to the touchscreen IC.

So it can be concluded, if your iPhone's touchscreen doesn't work, it jams, sometimes it doesn't work, even if you've tried to replace the LCD, then you can be sure that the damage is on the touchscreen IC and not the LCD.

Touchscreen IC problems often occur in the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 series and are quite rare for other iPhone series. The solution, of course, is to make repairs to the component parts of the touchscreen IC of your device.

If maybe you've never tried to replace the LCD, then it's better if you try to replace the LCD first before you judge the damage occurs to the touchscreen IC. Or you first consult with a trusted service provider to get a precise and accurate diagnosis.

Grayed Out Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi option in the "settings" menu is grayed out or the color is gray and cannot be shifted, then this can also be one of the characteristics of a faulty iPhone machine. The solution is to fix the Wi-Fi IC.

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