Causes and Tips to Solve a Raised or Lagged iPhone Screen

Service iPhone - One of the complaints or problems that iPhone users may experience is that the iPhone screen is lifted or stretched. The looseness of the screen on the iPhone can be realized when a gap appears on the side of the iPhone body which may not be tight and not neat when installed. There are several factors that cause the iPhone screen to lift and stretch, here are some of them:

1. Inflated Battery

The battery on the iPhone must be maintained in its usage intensity and also cared for properly. Because the damage that occurs to the battery can cause problems to other components. Where one component that can experience problems is the screen. If the battery bulges or expands, it will automatically lift the screen out of the frame of the device body.

If left continuously, the battery can continue to press the screen out until it is completely released. If the iPhone screen comes off, it will certainly be an increasingly complicated problem, so you not only have to replace the battery but also the screen even if it is replaced and installed neatly.

The best solution if the battery has slightly expanded is to replace it. If the number on the iPhone's battery health is physically problematic, it's better to replace it immediately. Even though the iPhone is now sophisticated, it doesn't mean you underestimate the iPhone battery.

2. Fall and get hit

Maybe some of you have accidentally dropped your iPhone. Whether it's from a trouser pocket or from a table, for example. At first glance your iPhone looks normal and fine. But the fact is that the iPhone screen is lifted / stretched until it comes off, until it cracks and breaks, the main cause is because the device has been dropped or hit by a hard object. To overcome a loose iPhone screen due to impact, of course it is necessary to disassemble the screen and installation with extra care when reassembling the screen. This of course needs to be done by a trusted and experienced service provider of course.

3. Replace iPhone Housing

Replacing the iPhone housing has the aim of changing the iPhone body so that what was scuffed, full of dents, becomes smooth again. Even though there are drawbacks to the housing replacement process. If you replace the iPhone housing with a fake, KW and also not careful in the installation, it can cause the iPhone screen to become tenuous, loose until the buttons are not precise or even become difficult to press.

Replacing the iPhone KW housing can also cause the iPhone camera to appear dew that will be difficult to clean and continue to exist even though it's not the rainy season. Or if you are forced to replace the iPhone housing, then you need to look for qualified technicians and experienced experts.

4. Reconditioned or Refurbished iPhone

Reconditioned items like iPhones are definitely devices that have been disassembled. As a buyer, you may not know which parts have been opened or disassembled and parts replaced. If it's refurbished by Apple, it's still ok, because the refurbishment process is carried out directly by the Apple team, which means that the quality is guaranteed. But that doesn't mean it will be 100% problem free. It's very common to find iPhone screens getting loose on refurbished/refurbished products.

If you already know the cause of the iPhone screen is loose and loose, then immediately take repairs so as not to cause damage to other components.

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