Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Apple iPad

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - Apple iPad is one of the most popular and well-known technology products in the world. Millions of people buy one every year, but surely many of them are not aware of the relevant aspects about the product and brand. Therefore, below, we will describe some of the technical characteristics of Apple iPads to better understand why they are so successful.

When Did the Apple iPad First Appear?

Apple launched its first iPad model the iPad 1 or regular iPad in early 2010. Back then, it was a bet by the Californian company for the fledgling market, halfway between the smartphone or, in Apple's point of view, the iPhone and Apple Macbook laptops. But what exactly is Apple's iPad?

In those days, many users were not familiar with tablets, so this new device confused them. These tablets have become popular. But this is not a mini computer, because its functionality is more limited. However, he managed to overcome the initial doubts for many.

Why is the Apple iPad So Successful?

Further development of the Apple iPad to date has only increased its functionality and performance. Since the launch of the first model in 2010, Apple has introduced a dozen new models or versions constantly trying to add additional tools and technical improvements. Today, there is almost an Apple iPad for every type of user.

To be precise, the continuous evolution and reliability of Apple products are two elements that users rate very positively. Although initially they were much higher in price than tablets from other brands, the differences have diminished and today they are very competitive in the market, significantly increasing the performance of comparable models.

What Operating System Does the Apple iPad Use?

Until recently, all Apple iPad models ran Apple's iOS operating system for mobile phones. In other words, they share the same iPhone operating system, which is now in its 13th version. However, Apple unexpectedly revealed its new iPadOS system, developed exclusively for its Apple iPads.

After all, both systems remind us of the iPhone in terms of software operation. As such, the Apple iPad allows access to the App Store and iTunes Store to get their own apps and music, uses Safari as the default browser, and has the popular FaceTime service, which enables real-time video calls.

What Apple iPad Features Should We Highlight?

First of all, when we compare Apple's iPad with any conventional tablet model, we have to talk about the operating system: as we said, Apple's iPad runs on iOS/iPadOS, while most tablets run on Android extension of iPhone. That makes them ideal for those who are already using other products from the brand.

Additionally, Apple's iPad models tend to be lighter and aesthetically more discreet, in part due to the exclusive use of aluminum instead of plastic, like many tablets for their cases. Another difference refers to connectivity, as the Apple iPad doesn't have USB or HDMI, which requires an adapter. In addition, there is a Retina display that is very pleasing to the eye.

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