With These iPad Apps, Learning Becomes More Effective

Service iPad - One of the tasks of a student or student is to always be productive and also efficient in doing various things. For example, many school or campus assignments, extra activities to do and also hanging out with friends.

Now the existence of technology can help us in completing many tasks more easily. Call it the iPad which turns out to be useful not only for fun, but the presence of advanced technology on this one can also be a tool for school, college and even work.

By using this advanced technology, you can listen to music, study for exam preparation and also don't miss being able to chat with study groups. Here are some apps on iPad that you can use to help you be more productive while studying:

Notes App

The Notes App has indeed become one of the most useful applications for writing important notes. In the application you can also write by hand using Apple Pencil. The latest feature of this sophisticated application is its ability to lock sensitive information by utilizing fingerprint via Touch ID.


Like the Notes App, this application can also write handwriting using Apple Pencil and add notes in the form of a PDF file. The app can also be used to analyze handwriting in notes to search for specific topics. Surely this application will be very useful for studying before the exam.


The RefME application is very useful for creating bibliography. Where users only need to use the iPad camera to scan the barcode of the book, then it will automatically be added to the bibliography.

Split-Screen Multitasking

With the split-screen feature, users can do two activities at the same time. The trick is to touch the right part of the screen and then swipe left. A menu will appear and will give you options to open various applications. So when the user has selected the second desired application, the user can do both things simultaneously.

Chat Features

Connecting frequently with friends or study groups can help you learn. Laetika is working on an assignment, you can stay in touch with friends via Facebook Messenger or iMessage. You can also use the split-screen feature to stay connected to them.

Campus Apps

Now many universities have campus applications that are useful for providing information about campuses. For example, the latest news or a collection of books in the library. You can find the campus application in the App Store.

"Nearby" app on Maps

When you enter college life on a campus that is different from the city where you live, of course you have to adjust to the environment around you. You can use the Maps application to find out your surroundings. The function of Nearby itself is to search for categories of local businesses in the area. For example, when you search for 'food', this application will tell you where the closest restaurants and cafes are.

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