Easy Steps to Increase iPhone Memory, Starting from the Cheapest to the Most Expensive!

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - For those of you who own the latest iPhone models that carry 512GB of storage, of course the problem of full memory will not be an experience that you will experience. But if you are an old iPhone user with limited memory, it seems that with today's applications, 16GB of memory will not be enough.

Never mind that 16GB, 32GB or even 64GB are now heavy enough for the many applications and output files from WhatsApp Image, work or campus mobility, as well as entertainment that is increasingly taking up space.

Then what should you do? There are at least 5 things you can do to increase memory on your iPhone, from the cheap way to the expensive way. Instead of being curious, here are some tips that you need to pay attention to:

Memory Case

One way you can do to increase iPhone memory is to use a case that also serves as additional memory. With this kind of case, your memory can be increased from 32GB to 64GB. In addition, there is also an additional battery up to 100 percent, which can function as a power bank. One of the drawbacks of using this one case is the size of the iPhone which can look bigger. But of course this will not interfere as long as your memory is not full anymore.

Flash Drive with Lightning Connection

If you don't want to use a case that is too big, a flash drive can be the right choice for you. Most flash memory drives made for iPhone work from iPhone 5 up to the latest. The drawback of this product is the prominence of a flash drive that looks like a flash drive that is plugged into your iPhone. Bother? May be. But concerns about memory can certainly be resolved.

Wireless External Hard Drive for iPhone

The next option that you can choose is a wireless hard drive that is connected via wifi. Products like this have been sold in the market, but not all of them support the iPhone. If you get one of the iPhone compatible series, you can get an additional hundreds of GB or even TB on your iPhone device.

However, there are two things you need to pay attention to when buying a wireless external hard drive. The first is its large size. You won't always carry it with you because of its less portable size. Second is integration with iPhone applications. Data stored on an external hard drive is required as separate data from your iPhone's internal memory, even if it is readable. So if you access photos from the hard drive application, not from the gallery or Photos application, then you can copy and paste them to your internal memory first.

Buying iCloud Storage

Actually iCloud storage is the most appropriate file storage solution. Why is that> Because of easy accessibility and also does not use hardware so that the risk of being lost and damaged is getting smaller. By owning an Apple gadget, you already have a free 5GB iCloud to store all your files. If it's still not enough, Apple provides options ranging from 50GB, 200GB, to 2TB.

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