Want to Increase MacBook Storage Memory Easily and Quickly? Check Out the Following Tips

MacBook Repair Jakarta - MacBook is indeed a laptop that is known to be reliable and has high-quality features. But indeed if you want to have a laptop made by Apple with a larger storage capacity, you of course also need to pay a lot of money as well. This may be one of the reasons why more people choose to buy a MacBook with a smaller storage capacity.

But you don't need to worry even though the storage capacity of your MacBook is relatively small. Because here are some tips that you can apply to easily add MacBook storage:

Using External Hard Drive or SD

Usually an external hard drive is used as a backup data storage. The capacities are also varied, with prices that are generally pocket-friendly for MacBook users.

Although it has a weakness, which is to take up one USB port on the MacBook when operating, the advantages are quite commensurate because it can be used to store various media files in large numbers, archived documents, work data, and so on.

In addition to using an external hard drive, older MacBook users can also take advantage of the SD card slot. The advantages of this one feature allow you to move data quickly and can be used to expand MacBook storage.

Thunderbolt RAID Systems

Thunderbolt is a super-fast data transfer technology developed by Apple and Intel. The technology is arguably better than a standard USB port. In addition, this technology is also considered more suitable for transferring or accessing files on external storage devices.

While RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), uses two or more drives that you can use using mirroring techniques that can ensure the security of all existing data. The advantage of combining Thunderbolt and RAID is that it brings a new type of external drive that has plenty of hard drive space.

SSD Upgrade

The next tip that you can apply is to use an SSD. However, this one tip does have a weakness, namely that the laptop must be disassembled to replace the default hard drive, and of course it will have an impact on the loss of the laptop warranty if it is still there.

Especially for the latest MacBook models, the SSD is soldered to the logic board, so it will be quite difficult to increase the storage capacity. Unless, you choose an upgrade program from Apple that covers all the needs, including to increase the storage capacity on the laptop.

Take advantage of the Cloud

Cloud can indeed be the most powerful solution for those of you who want to increase storage capacity on your MacBook. You only need to use cloud-based storage according to the required capacity. This method, actually has a weakness in the speed that depends on the internet connection.

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