Debunking Myths: Reasons Why Your iPhone Doesn't Need Antivirus

Service iPhone - One of the most frequent and recurring questions made by users relates to "concerns" about using an antivirus for their iPhone and although the answer should be yes, because every phone is inherently at risk of receiving malware, in the case of the iPhone and thanks to its iOS, it is one of the most secure operating systems available today.

By the way, this in no way implies that you should rely solely on Apple to protect your iPhone, as many bugs and software glitches are caused by user abuse. The important thing in this case is to clarify that there is actually no antivirus app available, if a user wants to install an antivirus on his iPhone, he will not find any antivirus available in the App Store.


iOS itself has enough security features to operate like an antivirus, which means it has enough security features to ensure that no third-party apps or cybercriminals infect your iPhone with malware. Natural concerns arise about why companies like McAfee and Avast have apps in the App Store, but despite being recognized as companies offering antivirus products, they don't work that way.

Most apps offer other features, such as a virtual private network (VPN), security controls for websites and Wi-Fi networks, and even a password manager. And maybe you don't know, Apple won't allow them to have an antivirus because the Apple company believes that the iPhone doesn't need it. And much of Apple's argument is against so-called "side downloads" to get apps that come from outside the App Store. And that for some reason, Apple doesn't want apps downloaded for iPhone from outside their authority.

Tim Cook and the Anti-Android Fans

When asked about downloads outside of the App Store, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that Android has more than 50 times more threats and security issues than Apple, and he believes sideloading is a big reason for that. Since you can only download one app in the App Store, and Apple verifies that every available app is safe to use, it's very difficult for cyber attackers to hack you with apps on iPhone. However, you must remember that no system is perfect.

Other Security Measures

Your iPhone also has other security features close at hand, so no one can access your iPhone physically or digitally. And its Safari browser offers lots of new security features that protect your data from cybercriminals and big companies like Google. or Facebook. They also have a feature called Fraudulent Website Alerts which can warn you when you are about to enter a website that may be unsafe.

There are also other features, like Apple's Private Relay, which protects your IP address and hides your online activity from websites and your Internet service provider debuted in iOS14. All of this is Apple's way of saying you don't need an antivirus, but be aware that it's not a simple matter.

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