How to Charge iPhone and iPad Batteries Faster

iPad Repair Jakarta - Charging iPads and iPhones can often be a tedious process, due to their long duration or the time it takes to fully charge 100%. But there are lots of tricks, unknown to many Apple fans, to increase the charging speed of phones and tablets. Here are some of them.

Simple Tricks to Charge Battery Faster

With the simple tips we'll give you below, you're sure to make your device load time much shorter and your phone or tablet available for use in less time than usual. This is a very simple trick to do and surprisingly as it looks, it will work. We will list four tricks to charge iPad and iPhone faster or more efficiently.

Choose the right charger

The technical specifications of the charger or power adapter have different charging speeds. Not all chargers are the same and some are much faster than others, because they have more power. But that's not the only thing that affects speed. There are three different types of chargers, one with a USB socket, an iPhone adapter, and an iPad adapter. Each of them has different characteristics, which make it more or less efficient:

  • USB computer : 5 volts, 0.5 amps, 2.5 watts of power.
  • iPhone charger: 5 volts, 1 amp, 5 watts of power.
  • iPad Air charger: 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, 10 watts of power.

As you can see, the numbers are not the same for everyone and while they may seem confusing at first, the numbers determine the speed of power transfer. So with a more powerful charger, charging the battery can be completed faster. And we say it can, because it also depends on other factors that can limit loading speed.

The charger is not a power adapter, the latter is in the device and is the adapter that regulates or manages charging. Even if you buy a charger with a higher power, it doesn't mean the charging speed is faster. But in the end charging the device via USB is the slowest way.

Remove the cover or case

Have you noticed how the device heats up while charging its battery? This may be due to the case or shield it was wearing at the time, causing the temperature to rise, or it could also be because you left apps open and draining power.

It is best to remove the case when charging this device from Apple, as heating the battery can reduce it and make charging slower or not charging satisfactorily.

If charging via USB, do so on a Mac

We've already mentioned that charging via a USB cable is the slowest way, but if you do it via a Mac with one of the high-power USB ports that some models have, it'll be quicker. On the one hand this is just a rumour, but it is true that some USB ports on Macs have different power ratings. You have to make sure that you have connected the device to the port that charges the battery, not all ports can do this, and keep the computer on for it to work properly.

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