If Your iPad's Battery Life Is Short, Try These Tips

Service iPad - If you have battery problems on your iPad or the power management of the iPad battery doesn't seem to be enough for you to use, you may be interested to know what we tell you in this article. We'll give you a series of tips and tricks you can use to save time on your Apple tablet. An excellent choice if your iPad is several years old.

Tips to Save Battery on iPad

If you use your iPad away from home for school or professional work, it's important that the battery lasts a long time. Because it is not always easy to find an electrical outlet, a place to charge. Even if you're using your device at home, no matter what app you're using, this trick will come in handy, because sadly the iPad doesn't have a low power consumption mode like the iPhone has.

Tips to follow in connectivity

Connectivity is the part of the operating system that is always enabled. This is because an iPad that is not connected to the internet loses all meaning. But there are times when it is in a state of rest and that is why there is no need for Wi-Fi or mobile data. In this situation, we suggest the following points to save battery in this case:

  • Turn off WiFi completely if you don't take any action that requires an internet connection. From the Control Center, it's not enough, because it's only temporarily disabled here, so you have to go to Settings > WiFi. Of course, if you need an internet connection and you have an iPad Cellular, it is recommended to connect to this network whenever possible, as cellular data consumes more battery.
  • Turn off cellular data if you're not doing any work on iPad and have an internet plan. This way, in addition to saving a few MB, you'll also save battery by not having to constantly receive coverage information.
  • Use airplane mode as an emergency when the battery is running low, but you can't turn off iPad. This mode can be activated from Control Center and from Settings > Airplane Mode.

Another important point is the Bluetooth connection. In most cases, it needs to be activated to use the accessory you've linked, such as the Apple Pencil. But if at some point you don't use it, it's important to disable it from configuration and not from control center. This is because from the control center it is not disabled as such and they remain active as well. That's why you have to follow the path Settings > Bluetooth.

The screen consumes a lot of battery

As for hardware, one of the parts that drains the most battery is the screen. In this case we always turn it on to be able to use the iPad itself and consult all the information. Obviously, without a screen, the iPad would just be a paperweight. But some concepts can be followed to be able to adjust the screen requirements, saving energy. In this case, the tips are as follows:

  • Lower the screen brightness if possible. Brightness is one of the most battery-draining aspects, so disabling auto-brightness and lowering it manually can also be very useful. To do this, you need to go to Control Center or in Settings > Display and brightness.
  • Turn on True Tone if you have an iPad with this feature. To enable it, go to Settings > Display and brightness.
  • Use dark mode whenever you can. This is a great solution on iPhones that have OLED screens and sadly the iPads still don't have one, but it will always consume less than light colors. Enable it from Settings > Display and brightness.

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