This is the Reason Why Many Programmers Use Macs and MacBooks

Service MacBook - Choosing a computer or computer platform sometimes you have to adjust to the profession or work that will be done. Programmers or software developers of course need to choose the right computer or laptop for their work, so that the results obtained can be maximized.

Currently, there are actually far more programmers and developers who prefer to use Macs and MacBooks or computers with the macOS platform rather than Windows PCs. What is the real reason for this?

1. Mac = Unix

For those of you who don't know, since the early versions of Mac OS X, Apple has built the operating system from Unix. Therefore, various Unix technologies such as command-line, bash, POSIX compliant, and so on are already available on macOS.

2. Buy a Mac, Use it Immediately

Programmers and also software developers certainly don't want to bother thinking about various things, such as installing the OS to a computer, installing drivers that sometimes give you a headache, and so on. What they want, of course, can buy a computer or laptop that can be used immediately.

With a Mac computer, programmers and software developers have got a ready-to-use computer, because the operating system, drivers, dozens of very useful built-in software have been installed, and so on. The only effort that may be required may be limited to downloading and also installing the tools needed by the programmer.

3. Abundant macOS Software

As a Unix-like operating system, Linux is often compared to Mac which is both Unix-like and Unix-based. So sometimes developers and programmers are confused in making their choices because various Unix commands can run.

But one of the advantages of macOS on Mac computers that is not available in various Linux distributions is the availability of abundant software like Windows PCs. For example, software from Adobe, Microsoft, and also various software from other large companies.

4. Safer

When compared to Windows, of course macOS tends to be more secure. One of the reasons why macOS is more secure is that fewer viruses attack macOS than viruses created to attack Windows. It's no wonder that Apple doesn't provide a built-in Antivirus, so many Mac users feel confident that they don't install Antivirus software on their Mac.

5. Quality of Computer Hardware

Another reason is because Macs and MacBooks are considered to have better hardware quality. Therefore, many consider it a good investment.

6. Can Install Windows

Although Macs and MacBooks use macOS by default, Macs and MacBooks can be installed with Windows. So if you really need Windows, programmers and software developers can install Windows to Mac.

Don't get me wrong, because Windows can actually be installed on a Mac in a legal way of course. Apple has provided a method of how to install Windows to Mac called “Boot Camp” which is very fast and easy to use. Unlike Hackintosh, a method of installing macOS to a Windows PC that is not official, or you could say "illegal".

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