Tips for Caring for iPad and iPhone Batteries, Easy Without Complicated

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - The battery is one of the components in digital devices such as the iPhone and iPad which is very crucial. In order to live long, you certainly have to take care of the iPhone and iPad batteries in the right way. There are several tips for caring for iPhone and iPad batteries that you can apply, including the following:

1. Avoid Using and Storing at Extreme Temperatures

In order to be used optimally and the battery to last longer, iPhone and iPad devices have room temperature rules when used or stored.

Quoted from the Apple page, iPhone and iPad products can be used optimally at temperatures from 0° to 35°C (32° - 95° F). As for the storage room, the recommended temperature is–20° to 45° C (–4° to 113° F). It is also not recommended that you use the device with an ambient temperature of more than 35°C. Any temperature above 35°C can permanently damage the battery capacity. So you will find the problem, namely the battery life of the iPhone and iPad becomes shorter. The iOS system can limit charging above 80% when the battery temperature is detected to be above the normal limit.

2. Removing the Case When Charging the Battery

Some types of iPhone or iPad cases that are thick enough can generate higher heat when charging the battery. Excessive heat can affect the health and capacity of the battery. So it is advisable to remove the case that can make the iPhone experience excessive heat, when it is charged for a long time, for example at night.

3. Use Quality Cables and Power Adapters

By using original or quality cables and power adapters, you can get guarantees that the current and power that goes into the iPhone and iPad batteries are in accordance with Apple regulations. Because current and power that do not match the specifications of the device can make the battery life shorter and can also make charging the battery last longer.

Even in some conditions, the use of a power adapter (charger head) that is not up to standard can cause the device to experience problems with access to the touch screen. Namely, the screen looks like it's being pressed in a certain part or randomly or it can also cause excessive heat.

4. Optimize Brightness and Low Power Mode Settings

You also need to set the Brightness or screen brightness as comfortable as you want to keep battery usage efficient on your iPhone or iPad. You can also use the Auto-Brightness setting on your iOS device to make adjustments to the screen brightness automatically, depending on your surroundings.

You can find Auto-Brightness settings in iOS 12 in the Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Auto Brightness section. Low Power Mode is a new feature in iOS 9 or later that can be used to save battery usage when you need it.

5. Avoid Charging the Battery While Playing Games

The process of charging lithium-ion batteries on iPhone and iPad devices consists of 2 ways. Namely Fast Charge for conditions of 0% to 80% to meet the battery storage capacity again. Then from 80% to 100% use Trickle Charge which works by reducing the incoming electric current to extend battery life.

In general, in this condition, the device that is charging the battery will be cooler than when charging at 10%, for example. If you use an iPhone to play games that require a lot of power while charging the battery, it is feared that this could damage the battery or other components quickly.

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