Recommended Latest iPhone Games 2022

iPhone Repair Jakarta - Known for its fast performance, there are so many games that you can enjoy on your iPhone. Games are indeed known as a solution that can eliminate fatigue and boredom, both to fill spare time or as a reliever of boredom while waiting for someone or stuck in traffic on the road.

There are some of the best iPhone games that you need to try. The following game recommendations are obtained from considering user ratings and reviews. What are those games? Here are some of them:

1. Passing Exciting Obstacles in Crossy Road Game

Present differently from the previous Crossy Road, this time in this one game you will face various obstacles contained in the tower. Each room and tower has obstacles and enemies with different levels of difficulty. The higher the level of the room, the more challenges and excitement you will experience.

When connected to the internet, this free game can be played by a maximum of 4 players with various cute characters that are free to choose from. Of course, this one game can be a choice of light games that are fun to play when relaxing, either playing solo or with friends.

2. New Sensation of Playing MOBA Games with Pokémon Characters

Now Pokémon comes in the form of a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that relies on teamwork to win the game. You need to collect as many pokeballs as you can from killing enemy Pokémon or killing wild Pokémon in the arena.

The team that collects the most pokeballs and also enters the enemy's Goal-Zone, then they will win. These cute Pokémon characters also have their own unique powers that you can upgrade. So, for you lovers of Pokémon as well as MOBA type games, don't forget to try the Pokémon UNITE game!

3. Win Fun Soccer Game Match

For you football game lovers, this one game is not to be missed. FIFA Soccer allows you to form your own team using various teams from the real world. There are various leagues to choose from, for example the Premier League, La Liga, and so on.

In addition, you can also play in teams with your friends in real-time. Not only that, there are also world-renowned players that you can recruit into your team to play matches on the field.

4. Follow Tsuki's Adventure in the Village

For those of you who are looking for a story-based casual game, Tsuki Adventure is the right choice. Tsuki is told as a busy city rabbit with a stressful office job. Until one day, he reportedly inherited the family carrot farm in Mushroom Village and then he moved to the village.

Away from the noise and pressures of city life, Tsuki then begins his adventure in the village. There are various activities carried out from going fishing, to the forest, mountains, to visiting locations all over the country, all of which you can do in this game. You will also find hidden surprises on your way to playing this exciting game.

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