The MacBook Battery and Its Urban Legend

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Technology is developing steadily and steadily. In the last decade, we've moved from using our phones to make calls and texting to using them as an entire multimedia center in our pocket, not to mention apps for GPS purposes. The biggest problem with new technologies is that, logically, they need energy to work and this energy comes from batteries.

The problem is that batteries don't develop as fast as the technology they have to support and is present in almost every device that uses them. The Apple MacBook has enjoyed many improvements, and more since the latest model, but we also have another problem: a lack of information. That's the reason why we wrote this article, to shed light on the myths surrounding Apple laptop batteries.

But let's start with the most basic. There are still people who are undecided about when to charge their computer for fear of charging it when they shouldn't. This must be forgotten. This kind of problem was present in older batteries, where we had to fully charge the Nokia 3310 after letting it turn itself off. Currently, while it says it's worth doing a complete cycle, the battery doesn't suffer from this problem, so, under normal use, we can charge it whenever we want.

If You're Going to Store Your MacBook for a Long Time, Leave it Half Charged

If you are going to store your MacBook for a long time, we have to consider several aspects:

  • If we will not be using the computer for a long time, we must remember that the battery can lose its charge if we do not turn it off at the right time. You don't have to be too thorough, but you don't have to shut down your MacBook with the battery 100% charged, or with the battery completely drained.
  • If we turn off the computer when there is no battery left, it can enter a state of complete discharge or, in other words much simpler and to put it very clearly, it can die. On the other hand, if we turn off the computer when the battery is fully charged, it will lose its charge.
  • It is also important not to keep it in a “sleep” state. No matter how little they consume, this status is to save battery, not to cancel consumption. Eventually the battery will be completely discharged and may enter a deep discharge (dead) state.
  • Regarding where we will store it, we must pay attention that it is not a humid place, neither too cold nor too hot. It should be noted that the ambient temperature does not exceed 32º.
  • If we are going to let it be stored for more than six months, we should charge the battery about 50% every six months. This is necessary, because the battery drains over time even if we don't use it.
  • If we have stored it for a long time, it may need to be charged for about 20 minutes before responding. Be patient, no damage will be done.

Extreme Environmental Temperatures Can Affect Battery

Electronic devices, such as MacBooks, are designed to be safe at normal room temperatures. Problems may appear more at prolonged high temperatures. Whenever possible, we should keep our MacBooks at temperatures below 35º C, but this is not always possible depending on the area and season of year.

If we expose our MacBook to prolonged high temperatures, we can see its effectiveness drop permanently, meaning that if it takes an hour before drying, it will then drain in 50-55 minutes. After all, this section usually has a larger margin than the manufacturer recommends, but prevention is better than cure.

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