Debunking MacBook Pro M1 Myths

Service MacBook - The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 chip have hit the market, they arrived very quickly this time, but many doubts have arisen in both models. We have gathered doubts that have arisen from the community, as well as from messages on our website and social media sent to us by the same users, whether they already have a unit or are planning to buy it, either for work or for study at a college or university.

Which is the Best Between Air and Pro Version?

The recurring question now with the M1 chip is harder to answer because the differences are so relative, as the Air doesn't use a cooling fan, has an excellent cooling system, but goes through the same routine as the MacBook Pro there isn't a huge difference that justifies the price difference.

Is it Hot? What is Fan Sound?

MacBook Pros (like MacBook Air) are made of a single piece of aluminum, so you can trust that the processor heat is felt on the palm rest or on the keyboard, as in many Macs with Intel. But this is something that this time didn't happen because in the case of the MacBook Pro, even rendering in Final Cut ten minutes of video material in FHD, never raised the temperature, let alone produced noise from the cooling fans inside. This reflects the great load distribution task of the processor which "manages" the workload flow in a good way.


One of the low points is that at the very least, you can only access what they offer you, without any personalized configuration options. And in the case of both Macbooks, there's no option to access the 16Gb and it's only staying at 8Gb of RAM, which though they are good enough. In some processes it shows very "full" even more when you are working on rendering.


Fortunately, both models have returned to using the scissor keyboard switch as before. Due to the painful and inconvenient Butterfly keyboard, after three tries and Apple realizing it was bad, decided to reuse that type of keyboard, even though it has a shorter travel, makes for much better attenuation and is also less noisy. The Touch Bar is still unconvincing, apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, but adding nothing.


Taken from Swiss clocks, the MacBook Pro battery gives us a usage time of exactly 15 hours and 20 minutes, from 100 to 17% usage, using it as if it was plugged into power, which again speaks to how the M1 works great, because you'll forget to use it. with the charger if the problem you have to keep moving. If you are a designer and you have to move from one place to another, despite the quarantine and pandemic, then you will be able to create your presentation without any major problems.

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