Apple iPad Air 2022 Review, is it Worth Buying?

Jakarta iPad Repair Service - iPad Air 2022 offers the feel of an iPad Pro with a few compromises. The screen isn't that great. Also, Face ID is missing. The price is fair for that. If you want to take full advantage of the M1 processor, you should opt for the 256-gigabyte version. Of course there will be additional costs if you want a version that is better than the regular version. The additional cost is certainly worth it if you want a long-lasting battery.

Apple iPad Air Review (2022)

For iPad fans, Apple's event on March 8, 2022 yesterday threatened to end with a boring event. But finally, rumors on social networks predict a fairly complete update for Apple's mid-range tablet. In the end it was spectacular. The M1 processor now works fine on the new iPad Air. Big surprise because apart from Mac computers, Apple chips are only used in the current generation iPad Pro.

Design doesn't change

From the outside, the device has not changed much. Already in 2020, Apple has adapted the Air display to a smaller version of the Pro tablet. 2022 won't change that design at all. At 10.9 inches (27.7 centimeters), the screen is still a little smaller than the Pro, the edges are barely visible even though it's slightly wider. If you want to show off in a cafe that you're using an iPad Air right now, you'll need to choose one of the new Polarstern colors, purple or blue.

Like the Pro, the Air comes in a frame made of recycled aluminum. As is typical of Apple, the workmanship is of high quality. Users will find the differences mainly on the back. The Pro has dual cameras and a LiDAR sensor. Apple Air tablet buyers don't have access to it, but only to the 12-megapixel wide-angle camera. It's tolerable. It's great for photos and 4K video recording, but it's especially useful when scanning documents due to its light weight.

As fast as the iPad Pro

This tablet still shows its strength when editing photos or videos. While Apple has been using the faster chip with the M1 Pro, Max, and Ultra variants for a long time, the "regular" M1 with eight compute and graphics cores has no equal on a tablet. According to Apple, the iPad Air runs 60 percent faster than the previous model thanks to the processor. It still contains the A14 Bionic processor from the iPhone 12. This basically means that graphics-intensive games aren't a problem for tablets. This chip is also best in video editing. Users can edit 4K video material in the pre-installed iMovie app.

However, there is room for criticism. If you want to edit 4K video, you'll also need memory. However, the base version of the iPad Air only has 64gb. For information: five minutes of video processing with the iPhone already occupies 1.7 gigabytes. It's a good thing that this tablet is also available at 256 gigabytes, at a huge extra cost of course. Upgrading conventionally (adding an SD card) is not possible with Apple. Buyers need to know in advance how much space they need.

Front camera and 5G

Apple has also adopted the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front camera from the iPad Pro (and all other current iPads). Apple uses an additional resolution compared to its predecessor with 7 megapixels for tracking mode. This mode recognizes the user in front of the camera and ensures that they are always the center of attention. Developers can also customize their apps for this tracking mode.

Facial recognition Face ID is provided for the iPad Pro. iPad Air is equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. When it comes to cellular communications, the iPad Air can now follow suit. People who are interested in this tablet can now also get a 5G tablet for an additional fee.

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