Laptop or iPad: Which is Better for You?

MacBook Repair Services Jakarta - Tablets that have emerged today have great features and extraordinary features that don't make laptops lose their function compared to iPads. The advantages they have over other devices are known to most users: mobility, functionality, convenience, autonomy, versatility, but what are the advantages of laptops over iPad?

It is true that many would think that there is nothing like a desktop or laptop computer, which is why we wanted to ask you this question, iPad or laptop, which is better for you?


In this aspect, both devices are probably valid, as setting up an email account on iPad is very simple. You can also group all the accounts you want in the same app, which allows you to more conveniently keep all your emails up to date.

Writing Documents

While it's true that there isn't currently an official Microsoft Office app for the iPad, although it might be close, there are plenty of apps that can create Word-compatible documents using an Apple device. However, it is true that the convenience that laptops offer for writing documents is much greater, apart from offering you more text personalization features.

As you may already know, there are many wireless keyboards that sync with iPad via Bluetooth that enhances the user experience for writing via the tablet, which makes it even more difficult to choose one or the other. Even so, for the taste of color, there will be people who feel more comfortable writing with an iPad, Air or Mini and many others through a computer.


There will be no discussion here. Simply because there are no tablets on the market that are capable of reading and playing CDs or DVDs. Hence, laptops take the medal this time around, although it is true that fewer and fewer laptops include integrated readers and need to use external drives.

However, if you want to listen to music or even watch movies on your iPad, you can do so by streaming video or with an app like Netflix. You can even sync the movies you have on DVD with iTunes and once recorded, transfer them to your tablet to enjoy them wherever you want.

Flash Drive

You're absolutely right, the iPad also doesn't have the ability to read or play USB drives, so the computer wins again. While that's true, more and more users are choosing to store all their files in the cloud via services like DropBox, GoogleDrive, and others.

All of these services have excellent applications in the App Store that allow us to access files in a very simple and very convenient way. So we will have no trouble reading and opening external files from anywhere, we only need an internet connection.


Personally, we don't think the iPad completely replaces the laptop, far from it, as each is used for different things. But it is true that it is much more practical to use a tablet everyday: surfing the Internet, checking email, accessing external documents via cloud services to make small changes, checking social networks, making small presentations and many other things.

That's why, according to people as Mac users, if you're one of those who prefer the traditional, we recommend a laptop. On the other hand, if you want a little more flexibility in accessing and working with your documents, the iPad can be a pretty reasonable solution.

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