iPad Accessories to Turn It Into a Versatile Small Laptop or Desktop

iPad Repair Jakarta - The line between computers or laptops and tablets has become thinner over time. Many users find that nowadays tablets are a good substitute to carry out their activities. Most of this is for two closely related reasons: on the one hand, because they are getting stronger; and on the other hand, because developers, with progress, are able to create more complete and useful applications.

Focusing on the iPad, Apple has gained a lot of functionality related to productivity after the arrival of iPadOS, the version of iOS that is optimized for this device. Where they include features such as multitasking, Safari browser in desktop mode or Universal Control, as well as support for mouse and trackpad via Bluetooth or integrated into the keyboard.

To get the most out of your iPad you have to use it with certain accessories. Otherwise, the process becomes more complicated, although as an entertainment device that consumes multimedia content or video games, the iPad is already very attractive. Would you like to know how to exploit it into your "everything team"? We tell you about it in this article.

Working with iPad: Who's It Really For?

Is it possible to work with iPad? Yes, but with certain conditions. Not all professions can do without a "conventional" computer to use an Apple tablet on because, basically, not much Windows or macOS software is available for iOS/iPadOS.

So the first thing you should do to find out if you can replace your laptop with an iPad is to ask yourself what program you need. If it's available on iOS/iPadOS or there is an alternative that meets your needs, mission accomplished. If this is not the case, then there is nothing more to say: iPad is not capable of replacing your computer set.

Some professions or types of people who probably won't have a problem changing their laptop or desktop using an iPad are:

  • Writers, journalists and editors
  • Cartoonists, illustrators and graphic designers
  • Home and student environment (web browsing, word processing, PDF reading)
  • Photographer (photo editing as well as video editing possibility)

As we discussed earlier, unless you need a special program that's only available for Windows or macOS, the professions and users above can try working with iPad and see if they manage to adapt their workflow to iPad and iPadOS. This is because there are very valid applications for developing the tasks they normally do.

Productivity Fundamentals: Keyboard and Mouse

Two important elements for controlling a computer are the keyboard and the mouse. Yes, the iPad has a virtual keyboard and is controlled with your finger or Apple Pencil, but writing documents of a certain length or selecting Excel boxes without a mouse and keyboard is not the most comfortable. While the use of an external keyboard on the iPad is quite widespread, Apple recently allowed the use of a Bluetooth mouse and trackpad or those integrated into accessories in iPadOS.

There are two possibilities: use Bluetooth peripherals or buy a case with a keyboard that has a trackpad. It depends on how the user feels more comfortable. The first possibility is to turn the iPad into a mini laptop, while the second could "turn" it into something more desktop-like and turn the iPad into something of an all-in-one.

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