Tips to Speed Up a Slow MacBook

Service MacBook - Sometimes the MacBook that you have been using for a long time becomes slow or sluggish, and this will certainly make you irritated and annoyed. Such a slowdown is something that cannot be avoided. But that doesn't mean the problem or obstacle doesn't have a solution. At least, if the slowing performance is not caused by hardware that is starting to fail, there are several ways you can do to overcome it.

There are several things you can do to try to restore MacBook performance, including the following:

Turn off Auto-Start

There are many applications that will automatically fire up when the user turns on the MacBook. But among these many applications, in fact only a few are really needed. In essence, you must identify which applications do require auto-start at the same time as the MacBook turns on.

If you have specified this, then you just have to turn off the auto-start application on applications that are not so important. This selection can make the system on the MacBook work more efficiently and also not waste the available power. In addition, the performance will also be faster and smoother.

You can turn off auto-start on certain applications by going to the System Preferences menu, then selecting Users & Groups, then selecting Login Items. Then a list of applications will appear that automatically runs when you turn on the MacBook. Then look at the list, then select the name of the registered application, then press the "minus" button to stop the auto-start.

Clear Data and Apps

All you need to do is check the list of apps installed on your MacBook and delete the apps you never use. Likewise with the data stored in it. Check then delete data that is no longer needed. You also need to check the browser you are using, either Google Chrome or Firefox. If the browser has an unused extension, delete it immediately.

All these unused things actually take up space on the MacBook's memory and hard disk. The more data and unused applications, the less space is left for the performance of your Mac operating system. A full hard disk and memory will have an effect on the performance of the MacBook which is slowing down. Therefore, by deleting unused data and applications, your MacBook will have more space and will have an effect on smoothing the performance of the operating system.

Install Cleaner App

There are various cleaning applications that can be used to get rid of various junk and unused data on your MacBook. Among them like CleanMyMac, AppZapper or Disk Doctor. Each of these applications is not free or paid. But users who install it can get benefits including being able to clean unused data automatically and on a scheduled basis, delete various residual application data, or categorize various data that is no longer needed.

In addition to using these applications, you can also use the Mac's built-in applications to sort out various unused data. The trick is to press the apple icon, select About This Mac, then select the Storage menu. After that, press the Manage option and you can enter the hard disk settings column. There are several things that can be done, such as looking at the capacity of each folder, looking for data that has not been used for a long time and also optimizing storage memory.

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