Tips for Overcoming iPhone Screen Not Responding to Touch and Moving By itself

iPhone Repair Jakarta - It's no secret that the iPhone is a high-tech smartphone that is rich in innovation both in terms of hardware and software. However, this does not mean that the iPhone is resistant to device problems and various forms of damage due to use.

There are various problems that may occur on your device, one of which is a problem with the touch screen that often crashes. Errors or problems that occur on the iPhone screen vary, including a less sensitive screen that can't be touched which sometimes causes the screen to not move and when the screen is touched it doesn't respond at all.

There are 2 possible causes of the problem, namely it could be due to software (software) or it could be a problem with hardware (hardware). Here are some ways you can do to fix the iPhone screen responding slowly, inconsistently, or even not responding at all:

1. Check Your iPhone Touch Screen

First make sure your hands are clean and dry, then try these steps:

  • If you are using a case or screen protector, try removing it.
  • Clean the screen using a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth.
  • Restart your iPhone device. If you can't restart, you can try to force restart the device

2. Adjust Your Settings for 3D Touch

If you're using an iPhone 6s or later that doesn't respond properly to 3D Touch pressure, then you can adjust its settings by going to Settings > General. Tap Accessibility > 3D Touch. After that, adjust the sensitivity setting.

3. If the problem occurs after updating, restore the IOS system to its original state

For those of you who are having problems with the iPhone screen, find out what is causing the problem. If the problem appears after updating iOS for example, then you can downgrade or restore to the previous iPhone system. Because it could be that the problem arises because of a problem when you upgrade.

4. Try Reset Your iPhone

You can also try to reset the iPhone. But before doing a reset, make sure the iPhone battery is full, important data has been backed up and the iPhone is connected to the internet.

The trick is as follows: open the Settings menu > General then select reset. After that, in the next section select the Erase All contents settings option

After doing this, your iPhone will return to the way it was when it was first used.

5. Take it to iPhone Service

The last step you can do if you still can't solve the iPhone screen problem, then you can take it to a trusted service provider. Most likely there is damage to the iPhone hardware.

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