iPhone Overheating? Know the Cause and How to Overcome It

Service iPhone - iOS is known to be one of the most powerful mobile operating systems. An iPhone that feels hot quickly can be a sign of a problem with the phone. Some versions of the iPhone can indeed experience overheating. Please note that your iPhone or iPad performs best in temperatures between 0 °C and 35°C

iPhone does have automatic power and heat management. But, sometimes the device can sometimes heat up quickly due to some reasons. To be clear, here are some factors that cause iPhone to heat up quickly:

1. Processor Working Too Heavy

If you like playing graphics-intensive games, editing and exporting 4K videos, this can drain the battery quickly and increase heat. This can happen due to the fact that there is no fan to cool the processor, like there is on laptops and desktop PCs.

2. Being in a Hot Place

One habit to avoid is keeping your iPhone in a hot car or in direct sunlight. This can be drastically exacerbated if the phone uses a black casing. Continuous exposure to heat can affect the iPhone battery over time.

3. Battery Damage

A damaged iPhone battery can give off a lot of heat. If you believe that this is the cause of the problem, then immediately turn off the device and carry out repairs. Or you can also run battery diagnostics to check for signs of battery damage.

4. Using iPhone while it's Charging

Using your iPhone while it's charging can also cause your iPhone to heat up quickly. When you use your phone while it is still charging, the battery will charge slower than usual. it can also trigger the iPhone to heat up quickly.

Then what to do when the iPhone feels hot quickly? Here's a solution you can apply:

1. Remove Unstable Apps

Apps installed on iPhone devices can get stuck in the background when they are working. While it may not be visible, the iPhone or iPad may remain warm or overheat in some of these cases. Although it is indeed difficult to solve this problem, there is a trick you can do, namely Open the Settings app, then tap Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Data Analytics. After that check the analytics data of recently installed apps. Once you find a malicious application, you can immediately delete it.

2. Reduce Brightness Level

If the screen brightness is above 50% or more, the device may heat up quickly. Therefore, you have to reduce the brightness to reduce the heat.

3. Network Connection

Sometimes, a poor network connection can also cause the device to overheat while searching for a signal. This can happen in areas that have poor network connectivity. Until you leave the area, you may want to switch to Airplane Mode to prevent battery drain and unnecessary heat build-up.

4. Disable GPS

If you feel your phone is overheating too often, then turn off GPS. If this is not possible, deny the app permission to use GPS unless absolutely necessary. You can also enable power saving or battery saving mode to stop GPS updates in the background.

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