Here are the Wrong Myths About Mac

MacBook Repair Services Jakarta - For some people who have never been in the world of macs, surely many think it's slanted towards this sophisticated operating system. Some of them say that the software on the Mac is difficult to obtain, the price is expensive, the use is complicated, and so on. Please note that all of these things are not necessarily true. In this review, we will briefly explain some of the false myths about Macs:

1. Macs are Expensive

Actually, it can be said that the size is expensive for a Mac is relative. For some people who use computers only for light activities such as typing or other general work, most would think of using a regular PC/laptop that costs far below a Mac.

But actually the Mac offers a cost-effective solution and arguably leads to investment. Macs are designed for optimal productivity for a great price as well as performance. Therefore, using a Mac is the same as using innovative advanced computing technology which most of them have not been found on other platforms/vendors. The point is it's worth it, there is a price there is quality.

2. Hard to Find Mac Apps

Many may think that finding applications on a Mac is quite difficult and not as easy as on Windows. But in fact on the internet or in the app store, there are lots of Mac applications, both free and paid. There are also many free versions available. Besides that, most applications on the Mac are made by developers who really respect the aesthetics and also the guidelines from Apple. Besides being powerful, most of the applications on the Mac also have a very beautiful interface / display and are also very easy to use.

3. No Virus on Mac

This one thing is also one of the wrong assumptions. It's not that Mac actually can't be infected with viruses, it's just that the viruses created on this platform are very few in number and also rarely encountered. Although there are some, for example some time ago many macs were infected with flashback trojans. But Apple must have responded immediately by presenting a security system update in a short time.

So the truth is that viruses on Mac do exist, but they are very few in number when compared to windows. Therefore, by using a Mac, in addition to having a beautiful appearance, it is also not disturbed by the number of viruses.

4. Windows/Linux Applications Can't Run on Mac

Maybe some of you often ask questions, usually on windows you can use Ms. Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so on), Adobe Photoshop, Firefox and others. Then whether these windows applications exist and can be used on a mac? For fear that many applications are not compatible.

The answer to this question is yes and it can. Mac is designed in such a way that aims to pamper its users. Some big vendors, such as Adobe and even Microsoft also make Ms.Office applications that are made specifically for Mac. In addition, Macs can also be installed with other operating systems such as Windows and Linux. So you can run other OS-specific apps on Mac too.

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