New iPad Pro Users, These are the 5 Apps that Need to be Installed to be More Creative

iPad Repair Jakarta - New iPad Pro users need to know that many application developers have developed a lot of software that will only effectively run on this sophisticated tablet screen. So what are these applications? Here's a list of the best iPad Pro apps that can help you be more creative:


For designers and creative workers who need to map their minds through sketches and small notes, this application is a must try. This application provides a variety of equipment such as pens, markers, pencils and other stationery in various sizes. Of course all these tools can be used easily either directly or with a stylus.

When inspiration appears, you can pour the idea into this application. And then connect between notes, photo collections and also sketches into a more creative and effective framework. Users can also create checklists and also share with colleagues and teammates in PDF, Keynote, and even PowerPoint presentations.


This one application has crossed almost all gadgets and smartphones that seem unbeatable with its competitors. Its versatility and flexibility allow the media for recording ideas and activities to become one application that has different levels. In fact, many users have named this app as one of the note-taking applications that must be downloaded.

As an additional capability for iPad Pro, now one of the best apps for iPad Pro can be run with Apple Pencil. Thus users can write inspiration and ideas that are not only appropriate, but also fun.


Assembly is one of the applications optimized specifically for the iPad Pro. This application is a graphic design application that is easy and also accessible for use by anyone. When you first open this app, you will get a question whether you are a designer or not. In addition, you will get easy-to-understand tutorials on how to run this unique application.

Assembly has the ability to create vector images with premade shapes. Where later the image can be exported with high resolution. You can color and arrange detailed shapes with smart guides and also share with friends with share and sync functions via iCloud, Dropbox or AirDrop.

Liquid Text

For those of you who often collect quotes, excerpts or references to articles in newspapers or magazines to be used as research material and work, Liquid Text might be the best choice for you. In addition to being a Document and also a PDF Reader, by using this application, all these activities can be carried out easily and so neatly organized. Liquid Text also allows you to import documents from virtual storage services such as Box, Dropbox and iCloud and immediately organize them in Liquid Text.

The editor function of this application is also a separate feature. Users can bookmark, create clippings from text in articles and much more, both with their fingers and with Apple Pencil.

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