Wallpaper Provider App for iPhone and iPad

Service iPad - For some iPhone or iPad users, it may be important to set a wallpaper or background image. If you are one of them, maybe "hunting" wallpaper becomes an activity that is certainly often done. For wallpaper lovers, here are the best wallpaper provider applications on the App Store, which you can download:

1. Vellum

Vellum is a wallpaper provider application that comes with several complete themes and modes. The best features of Vellum that you can use are previews with examples of Lockscreen and Homescreen displays, Blur mode and many others.

2. Unsplash

Are you one of those people who often access the Unsplash.com page to look for license-free images for use on blogs and other media? Now you don't have to bother anymore, because now there is an Unsplash for iOS application that you can download for free. Unsplash has an account login feature, search mode, a series of themes that you can choose from, fast download mode and also Share Extension.

Because basically Unsplash is a catalog of images uploaded by its users, most of the images provided here come in a horizontal format. Even though it is indeed to be used as a smartphone wallpaper, it is most comfortable to use an upright image. A tip that you can apply is to use landscape-based keywords to get beautiful images on Unsplash. You can try the keywords “Aerial”, “Earth”, or “Mountain”.

3. Background

This Background application uses a photo catalog from Unsplash. The main differences are in a more minimalist appearance and also the timeline mode – vertical scroll up or down.

The way to download images in the background is also very fast and easy, you just press and hold the touch over the image. For the record, Background has in-app purchase content that can be used to remove ads, download higher resolution images and so on.

4. Clarity Wallpaper

Clarity Wallpaper has a minimalist look but has complete features. With only 3 tabs at the bottom, you can already use the search feature, edit mode and can also view various wallpapers that have been shared by the Clarity Wallpaper team. My favorite part of Clarity Wallpaper is the image editing mode. You can use this feature to edit images to be downloaded as well as images from your Camera Roll.

For the edit mode itself, this application has several categories. Starting from changing colors and other minor details, making Blur and Frame modes for the Lockscreen with the main image in the middle. Clarity Wallpaper also has in-app purchases, namely Clarity Magazine to get a more complete wallpaper curation.

5. Patternator Live Wallpapers

If the above review has discussed various wallpapers from the images you downloaded, Patternator Live Wallpapers presents a different way. In the Patternator Live Wallpapers application, you can take pictures and also cut certain parts that you want to make into a pattern. Then Patternator Live Wallpapers will ask you to choose a background color for later you can save. You can also save images from Patternator Live Wallpapers into Live Photos, Videos or GIFs.

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