iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 13 Pro Max: Why Should You Upgrade?

iPhone Repair Jakarta - The new iPhone 13 family has gone on sale to the public, and with that, many people are wondering if it's worth buying this new device, especially if last year they already made the investment to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are some of the features that can convince Apple users to buy its new generation.

Major Updates of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Every year, Apple introduces its new flagship phone with much fanfare saying that it has the best camera among its competitors. Like every year, this statement is true. On the iPhone 13 Pro Max we have three more cameras, but now there is a difference compared to the model 12.

Wide Angle: It has 1.5 times more light-gathering capability than the previous model, thanks to a larger 1.9 micrometer (µma) sensor and f 1.5 aperture. This allows us to get better results in photos in dark rooms (1.5 times better than the 12 Pro Max), as well as bring out more details in open shots. In addition, this camera maintains optical stabilization, to reduce vibration when taking pictures, which also provides better results in videos and pictures.

Telephoto: In the new version there is now a 3X optical zoom instead of 2.5 and a total optical zoom range of 6x in the system, which makes it possible to have a focus point of 77mm instead of 65mm.

Ultra Wide Angle: The advantage in this regard is that it now has a new autofocus system and has an aperture of f 1.8, this feature quickly produces better conditions in low light situations and when compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, represents 92% more capture light. In addition, this is the first time that a macro function is integrated in this camera, which, depending on the focus of the object, iPhone is able to change the camera automatically when it detects that this type of video or photography is required.

12MP True Depth front camera: What's relevant here? That the space occupied by this camera on the screen is reduced by 20% compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so new users have more screen space.

Other specs in terms of camera and photo and video capture relate to new modes, particularly cinema or cinematography, which, although found on all iPhone 13 models, allow manual-like automatic focus transitions between people, animals and objects while recording (as if you were a professional filmmakers) and it is even possible to make these modifications if the video is edited in iMovie and FinalCut in the next MacOS update.

Videos are recorded in 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, so why not a higher resolution? The truth is because phones with these characteristics already do a lot of information processing. Be careful, if you want other people to collaborate with this file, the ideal is to share it to other devices via AirDrop.

Users can now also choose another "mode" or "style" when taking pictures, whether it's a warmer, cooler, or more detailed mode. And it gets reflected that way from the start in the shot and not as a filter added later, thanks to the fact that Intelligent HDR is preserved.

Two other equally important features are, first, the battery which now lasts 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max under average usage conditions. Namely the use of messaging, consumption of audio and video, documents, etc. Second, the iPhone 13 Pro Max memory is now available up to 1TB.

Another important point about performance is that the processor has 5 cores in terms of GPU, which allows for better performance in graphics elements and 6 cores in CPU, of which 2 focus on performance and 4 on efficiency. Both the camera and the performance improvements have to do with improvements to the new A15 bionic chip.

Something that may be a minor thing for some people is also the decision to buy a new color. In this case, the 13 Pro Max family has a Sierra Blue color which is lighter than the Pacific Blue color of the 12 Pro Max.

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