Tricks to Overcome a Broken iPhone Home Button

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - When your gadget only has one main button, of course you will be dizzy if the button is damaged or cannot function normally. For example, on the iPhone product. The main button at the bottom of the screen is indeed quite vulnerable to damage.

For those of you whose iPhone devices are still in good condition, the following ways can also be applied so that the iPhone buttons can last longer and don't get damaged quickly:

Home Button Calibration

The Home button on the iPhone is the most important part. Therefore, if the button is damaged, then your iPhone can be used again. However, it turns out that there is a way to calibrate the home button that you can do easily. The home button can indeed turn loud if it has been used for too long or does not function fully because its position may change or tilt.

Here's how you can do to calibrate the home button:

  • Run any application, then hold down the power button until "Slide To Power Off" appears.
  • After that, release the power button.
  • Then, press the home button slowly, not too hard and then hold it down until it returns to the home screen. Don't let go until it works.
  • Now try to press the home button again, is there any difference?

Perform the steps above if the home button is starting to stiffen. If the method above doesn't work or the iPhone's home button is still stiff, it's most likely that the home button is damaged.

Setting iPhone Connector

Prolonged use of the iPhone can interfere with the function of the home button. This problem can also occur because the charger connector is often installed and also unplugged. As a result, because the connector is most likely the home button is shifted or tilted. To fix the problem, simply attach the connector to the iPhone, then gently press the connector upwards. This method can force the home button to go up until it can function normally again.

Restore iPhone

Restoring iPhone can indeed be one of the solutions to fix the most common problems that occur on your device. Especially, to solve the problem of the Home button that often lags or feels slow. However, before you do a restore, make sure you have backed up important data and files first.

On-Screen Home Button

If you have tried various methods but the Home button still doesn't work, you can try to activate the Home button function on the iPhone screen. How to select Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> select Assistive Touch.

After that activate Assistive Touch which will then appear a small circle on the iPhone screen. Through this feature you can control the volume function, screen shoot, screen lock, and also add some other favorite applications and features to it.

Replacing the Home Button

The way that is really felt for the problem of a damaged home button is to replace it. If you want maximum results, then you can take it to a trusted repairman.

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