Replace MacBook or iMac Parts? Dr. Gadget for Service Mainstay

Service MacBook - Apple products are known for their quality and durability. But of course every electronic device can not be separated from the name of the problem or damage, even for Apple products though. If your MacBook or iMac starts showing signs of wear and tear, you need not worry because Dr. Gadgets has complete spare parts for all your Apple PC needs. All your device complaints will be handled by qualified technicians and it is also Dr. Gadgets.

Change the Battery

Macbook Pro and Air should always have enough power to last throughout the day. This is indeed very important for all gadgets, including MacBooks. In business, work, or study, of course you need a normal MacBook battery performance so that all your work can be done quickly. Therefore, battery replacement is necessary when your device battery has problems. Dr. Gadgets will keep your PC in optimal condition. You can immediately visit Dr. MacBook Service. A gadget to replace your battery quickly.

Hard Drive It Up

For those of you who like to upgrade power and memory, Dr. The gadget has the hardware needed to meet your upgrade needs. Although it is important to note and know that not all accessories are compatible with the product you have. Therefore, first consult with Dr. Gadgets. You'll get an explanation of which parts of your MacBook and iMac can be upgraded to take your PC's performance to the next level.

Then why should you choose Dr. Gadgets for your device repair? Here are the advantages of Dr. Gadgets compared to other service places:

1. Accurate Diagnosis and Reliable Repair

When your Apple device has a problem, you can get back in touch quickly because Dr. The gadget will provide a proper diagnosis for your problematic device. You don't even have to pay a diagnostic fee if it turns out that your iPhone or iPad doesn't need repair.

2. Device Repair “In Front of Eyes”

Dr. The gadget will perform repairs on the same day if your iPhone has a problem that can be fixed immediately with the available spare parts. However, repairing the iPad LCD does take longer and has to be hospitalized, because the iPad uses glue to attach the glass digitizer to the device body. Therefore, it takes 24 hours for the glue to dry at the earliest.

3. Longer Warranty

You will get the longest warranty in the industry. The warranty for the battery is 30 days, while the warranty for repairs in other areas is 90 days. The warranty does not include physical damage, and of course it will be void if your device is damaged due to exposure to liquids after being repaired by Dr. MacBook Service. Gadgets.

4. Expert Technicians in IC and Motherboard Problems

Get the best service for your Apple products with Dr. gadgets. You will get the best service and also the right diagnosis with accurate repairs.

5. Device Not Repairable? Money Back Guarantee

When Dr. Gadgets can't repair your device, your money will be fully refunded during the warranty period. Even if the device has been repaired and your device and the same problem reappears within the warranty period, your service charge will be refunded.

How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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