iPad Pro Accessories for Better Productivity

Service iPad - Accessories for iPad Pro work to maximize the productivity of Apple's tablet at its best. The device is positioned as a viable alternative to laptops, thanks to its large screen, multitasking support, and the inclusion of a tablet-only iPadOS operating system. So to get the most out of your iPad Pro, you'll need a few accessories to top it off. Here are the best iPad Pro accessories available today that you can buy according to your needs.

Apple AirPods Pro

In Marvel's Iron Man, Tony Stark controls all of his technology by voice through his intelligent assistant, Jarvis. When this kind of sci-fi story becomes a reality, you can also control your device with an AI assistant via voice. Since it's a device from Apple, it's Siri.

If this kind of hands-free interaction is important to you, consider investing in a set of Apple AirPods Pro headphones. Bluetooth headphones are tightly integrated with Apple software, thanks to the H1 chip manufactured by the Apple company. AirPods Pro also come with active noise cancellation.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

While the iPad Pro is designed to use its touchscreen, it's not the only input that works best. And that's especially true if you use it for your graphic editing needs or handwritten notes. Apple Pencil (2nd generation) is the official tablet stylus and one of the best iPad Pro accessories.

If you need to emulate the experience of writing like on paper, then the Apple Pencil will be your most valuable device. The device connects wirelessly to your iPad Pro and also supports wireless charging. A palm rejection feature is also included so you can use Apple Pencil naturally too.

iPad Pro Keyboard

Although Apple produces its own keyboard for the iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard Folio, it's expensive. If you're not going to use it regularly, you can find a more affordable iPad Pro keyboard elsewhere. The Arteck iPad Pro keyboard is a great alternative and is packed with many of the same features.

The keyboard doubles as a stand for your tablet and when not in use transforms into a protective case for iPad Pro. This keyboard follows a standard Mac layout and connects via Bluetooth. The built-in battery is good for about 100 hours of use before you need a two-hour recharge.

Case for iPad Pro Otterbox Defender

It's well known that Apple devices can be fragile. All it takes is a small drop or a brief scuff with the screen, and your premium device could run out of commission. To protect your investment, consider the Otterbox Defender iPad Pro Case.

The Otterbox case is considered the best rugged protection you can offer your mobile device. The Defender case doesn't just cover the back of the iPad Pro. Instead, it slips your tablet into the case and locks it inside. It protects the screen, keeps your tablet clean, and helps deal with unexpected bumps.

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