M1 or Intel? Choose the Right Processor for Your MacBook

Service MacBook - If you're a fan of Apple products and have one of their computers at home, you've probably heard of the new M1 processor integration. Being a completely new processor, it's interesting to know if it's worth launching now, switching to the traditional Intel model or waiting a little longer.

We've analyzed two models for you so you can choose your MacBook better. What characteristics do they have? Now you will know!

General Features


One might think that with the new functionality the price has also gone up, but in this case it didn't. You can get a MacBook Pro model with Intel and a newer one with an M1 processor for the same price. There's a difference with the A1 model, but it's not that big of a difference either. Here you have to make a decision of the model first and then the version.


Both models come with either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, but it's important to say here that in the new model the memory types are different.

Storage Space

For storage space, we can tell you that there is no difference, as both models come with 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB.


Now comes the interesting part of our article. After showing you some of the key points that these two models have in common, we will focus on the most prominent differences.


With the upgrade from 4 to 8 CPU cores, it is possible to talk here about a huge leap that enables speeds never seen on Apple models. This chip, made by Apple itself, will be integrated into future models and promises some important changes.

Of the 8 cores mentioned above, 4 are very efficient while the other 4 allow for faster performance. The result? A CPU that reaches speeds of 2.8 times faster. Tasks with heavy workloads are over.


Integrated Graphics Intel Plus is also past. With an octa-core GPU, you can count on unique, faster and smoother graphics. Your 8K videos will look just as good as your games. Speeds up to 5 times faster will make your eyes widen.

Power Consumption

Another important change that can't be overlooked is the power on the new M1 model. With 20 hours you can spend most of the day without having to recharge your computer, which represents twice the power of the previous model and, therefore, a first in Apple's history.

This is one of the points that these models really look forward to. In web browsing you have up to 17 hours of power, while in video playback it goes up to 20 hours. And this model comes with a battery that is the same size as the other models. In this case the architecture is important.

Wi-Fi and Thunderbolt

Finally, we'd like to mention two other small changes that may have an impact when choosing your model: sixth-generation Wi-Fi guarantees a more stable and faster connection, with lower energy consumption and longer range.

Charging ports and accessories have also been changed so you can say goodbye to Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C. Now we have the same port with 4-in-1 functionality, be it for charging devices, for connecting an external monitor or your mobile device or for transferring data at speeds of up to 40Gb/s.

Which is the Winner?

The new Mac ushered in a new era in Apple's life. The M1 processor will catapult it into a new decade. Finally, Apple can again differentiate itself from the mainstream in the laptop and desktop space. And thus Apple can offer its own products that no one else can easily copy. And the M1 is just the beginning.

As in many of the comparisons we've made, we come to the same conclusion: the purchase depends on individual needs and pockets. New features are always interesting, but only if you use them. For this reason, if you're not on a high budget, perhaps the best option is to stick with an Intel processor, which, while slightly inferior, is still a processor that has a lot to say.

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