iPhone Memory Full? These 5 Tips Will Make It Comfortable to Use Again

Service iPhone - For iPhone users, you may have seen a notification that says “Storage Almost Full” appear on your device several times. This means that the data storage cache for your memory is full. Your apps accumulate a lot of cache, especially if you rarely and may not clear the cache stored on your iPhone device.

Apple recommends that iOS app developers create apps that have a self-cleaning function that will frequently clear the cache in your apps. Some apps especially games can also take up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad. Not infrequently there are several console-quality games that are more than 2 GB in size.

You can copy or delete large apps that you rarely use, such as old photos or videos. Here are the steps you can take to fix a full iPhone storage:

Restart Iphone

You can check your iPhone or iPad's storage usage by going to Settings > General > iCloud Storage & Usage > Storage, then Manage Storage. If you find that not many apps are actually stored on your iPhone, while you are still getting the iPhone storage full error, the first thing you need to try is to do a force restart.

For users of iPhone 6s / Plus or previous versions of iPhone, you can press and hold the power button and also the Home button until you see the Apple Logo appear. For iPhone 7/plus, press and hold the power button as well as the Volume Down button until you see the Apple Logo appear. Meanwhile, for iPhone 8/Plus or iPhone X, you can follow the steps below to force start your device:

  • Press and then release the Volume up button.
  • Press and then release the Volume down button.
  • Press and hold the button on the side until you see the Apple Logo.
  • When your iPhone restarts, you can enter your passcode.

Clear iPhone App Cache

Cache files can take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone device. Some applications can indeed take up a lot of GB space. Therefore, you need to clear the app cache on your iPhone. We recommend that you delete the app and then reinstall it. Some users claim that 15GB of space can be available after reinstalling the app.

Besides that, you also have to clear Safari cache and history by going to Settings> Safari> Clear History Website Data.

1. Using Phone Cleaner

If the apps on your iPhone don't take up a lot of space or if you really don't want to delete any apps because they are important, there are other ways you can do to free up storage space on your iPhone.

You can use an iPhone cleaner, such as IOTransfer to free up iPhone storage space. Apps like this will delete junk files, cache in just one click.

2. Restore Iphone

Before you do this method, make sure you have backup your iPhone with iTunes. You can restore your iPhone from a backup to be able to solve the iPhoen space full issue. The trick is to connect your iPhone to a computer to back up your iPhone, then open iTunes and then select Restore Backup to restore your iPhone to an earlier date.

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