MacBook Users Must Have the Following Applications

MacBook Repair Services Jakarta - Considered as one of the upper middle class products, Mac can certainly save time and also provide maximum productivity for its users. If you are not familiar with Mac, maybe you are a little confused about which applications are suitable and important to download on your Mac.

Some of the Mac applications below are recommended for those of you who want to make daily activities on your Mac easier, here are some of them:

1. VLC Player

VLC Player is a free Mac application that you can use without paying. This open source-based application always updates their features automatically and also in a relatively fast duration.

What's interesting about this application is that almost all of its excellent features are capable of supporting various types of multimedia document formats. Not only will your personal needs be greatly helped, but work matters will also become more practical and effective.

2. Vanilla for Mac

If you're busy looking for a cool Mac app that can hide all the icons on the menu bar, then Vanilla for Mac can be one of the best apps to do the job.

Besides being able to be used to tidy up the appearance of your messy menu bar, you can also choose dark mode on the menu bar. However, this free feature is not as complete as Vanilla Pro where all the supporting features can make you not bother to tidy up and enjoy all its excellent features.

3. The Unarchiver

If you want to download free Mac apps, you have to make sure that The Unarchiver doesn't miss your download. The Unarchiver is an application that uses features that can open documents and files in various formats, such as ZIP, ISO, 7z, XAR, and RAR.

But it doesn't stop there, because after being purchased by MacPaw developers, there are various additional features that will continue to be developed. Of course this can make your work affairs run smoothly without being delayed.

4. App Cleaner

App Cleaner is a Mac app that you can use to remove apps without leaving all the documents associated with the app itself. So when you decide to install on a Mac, you will add documents to the operating system.

Before you delete all data related to the application, the document will still be saved. By using this App Cleaner application, you can delete applications without having to bother looking for where the documents regarding the application are located.

5. Mac Tracker

Mac Tracker is an application that practically all loyal Apple users should have. By using this app, you will get all reports regarding Apple products. Namely starting from the product that was first released to the product that was just released. And of course it is complete with specifications, colors, prices, and also all the complete information. Of course you don't want to be called a fake fan of Apple products?

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