This is the Difference Between iPad Wifi Only and Cellular That You Need to Know

iPad Repair Jakarta - When you want to buy an iPad, of course you have to choose one of the many iPad options that are available. In addition to determining the model and memory capacity of the iPad, of course, you also need to choose the type of iPad, namely between iPad Wifi Only and iPad Cellular. So what exactly is the difference between the Wi-Fi version and the mobile version?

Yes, the iPad has always been present in two versions, namely the iPad Wifi Only and the iPad Wifi and Cellular or better known as the iPad Cellular. Of course, there are fundamental feature differences between the Wifi Only version and the Cellular version. So what are the differences? Check out the following reviews:

Mobile Operator Support

The difference that is arguably the most obvious is that the iPad Wifi Only is not equipped with cellular features. You will not find a SIM card slot because there is no SIM card slot for iPad Wifi Only. Of course this is different from the Wifi and Cellular iPad which has cellular features so you can use or insert a SIM card into the iPad.

The SIM card that you insert into the iPad can of course provide features that you will not find on the iPad Wifi Only. This feature, of course, is an internet connection with a 3G or 4G cellular connection. iPad Wifi Only as the name implies, you can only connect to the internet with a Wifi connection. You cannot use 3G or 4G on the Wifi Only version.

GPS Support

The next difference is in the iPad feature in determining the location. iPad Mobile is equipped with an A-GPS chip. So users can use the GPS technology to determine the location. Meanwhile, the iPad WiFi only uses WiFi trilateration technology, which of course can't be as accurate as GPS.

Can't Call and SMS?

Maybe there are many people who are fooled about this one thing. Even though the Cellular version of the iPad has cellular features and can use a SIM card, you won't be able to use the Cellular iPad to make calls or send messages via SMS because the Wifi and Cellular iPads can't do that.

Why is that so? Indeed, since the first iPad has never had a phone feature like the iPhone. However, you can still use your iPad for calls and texting using Skype or any other service you can use.

Those are some of the differences between iPad Wifi Only and iPad Wifi and Cellular that you need to know. If you want to buy an iPad, you can determine the type that suits your needs.

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