How to Fix Safari Not Opening on iPhone, iPad or Mac

iPad Repair Jakarta - You may need to open a website quickly to check and Safari doesn't open at all, so that's a problem. Most iPhone, iPad, and macOS machine users stick with Apple's Safari browser because it's a stable, lightweight, and highly privacy-oriented browser. Apple's optimized Safari browser for all machines, and in rare cases some functions work normally, but high-intensity use ends up having problems in the future.

Why Safari Stops Suddenly and Can't Be Reopened?

There are several reasons why Safari won't open on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMac. We cannot see a specific problem because there are many reasons for the failure. Apple software is known for corruption and bugs, so you will need to update the software to the latest version. Don't skip this section as iOS 13 or later is buggy and the Cupertino-based company is working on fixing it.

Now, we may ask you to install Firefox Focus on your device and Chrome on your desktop to see if the problem is with the software or with the Safari browser.

Try the software for a few minutes to determine if the problem persists in other browsers. In most cases, Firefox and Chrome will work normally and you shouldn't see any major issues. Safari is software and prone to corruption and many other problems, and we can solve them without any additional help from third party programs.

Clear Data and History

iPhone, iPad and macOS machines used for years without reboot collecting a lot of unwanted data in the file system. In such a case, you have to get rid of every part of the history and it will delete useless and burdensome browsing files. Your Safari browser history and Mac machine's website data has been deleted and you rebooted the Apple device. Now, you don't have to deal with the problem of Safari not opening anymore, and you need to update the macOS software to remove bugs and glitches from the machine.

Disable Experimental Features

Apple introduces new features in the latest software releases, and you don't have to manually update the default software. Some are enabled by Apple by default, although this is a trial phase and can cause problems. However, you should keep the list of features enabled by default, and you can always reset the settings back to their original default settings.

Repair Storage Device

Your macOS machine may be experiencing software-related issues or corrupted files in Safari. Apple includes a “Disk Utility” program on the Mac and you should try repairing the disk to erase and repair corrupted files. Intensive use also triggers file system problems, and Disk Utility will fix them without any hassle.

  • Open the Disk Utility application.
  • Now, click on “View” and then click on “All Devices” to Continue.
  • Now, please select the partition or drive and then click the “First Aid” button to continue.
  • You will encounter many errors along the way such as “Overlapping Task Extensions” because Disk Utility found similar files in a space, and you may need to take action.
  • There are times when First Aid can't fix the crash and that's when you should focus on reinstalling the operating system.

You will need to reinstall the macOS operating system on the machine, and that is your last hope as software-related corruptions are not easy to solve.

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