Is Your iPhone LCD Raised? Know the Cause and Solution

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - Is a raised iPhone screen quite common? whether the iPhone can be at risk of total death? Actually what are the things that cause it? And more importantly, what is the solution to the problem?

Do you have any of the above questions in your mind? Or maybe you are experiencing it right now and looking for a solution? If you are experiencing this problem, then you need to read the following reviews

Causes of iPhone LCD Lifting

Before discussing the solution for a raised iPhone, we better know the cause first. Actually what are the factors that can make the iPhone screen lift like this? The cause of the raised iPhone LCD can occur due to two factors, namely a bloated battery or it could be because your iPhone has been dropped or bumped.

Let's start with the first cause. Why can a drop in the iPhone battery make the iPhone screen lift up? Because a battery that is not of good quality (drop) can definitely turn into a bloated/bloated battery.

So that in the end this bloated battery will push the screen surface (LCD) on your iPhoen device. This is what then makes your iPhone screen look like it's lifted, even though when your device is disassembled, it will be clear if it turns out that the iPhone battery has problems or is damaged, namely the battery turns bloated, and it turns out that the problem is not on your iPhone screen.

If your iPhone battery feels like it's dropping fast or maybe it's getting hot quickly, this could be a sign that your iPhone battery is no longer worth using. Therefore, you must immediately take it to a trusted iPhone service service.

So what about the second cause? Can a dropped or bounced iPhone cause your screen or LCD to lift up? The answer is yes. Although it is rare, it has been found several times by iPhone users whose iPhone screen is raised but the battery is still in good condition. And it turned out that after investigation, the iPhone had fallen before.

What if the iPhone battery is still in good condition but the iPhone LCD screen lifts? If your iPhone battery is still in good shape, that's fine, and you've never dropped your iPhone. So still the answer to this problem remains on your iPhone battery.

Why is that? Because sometimes, even though you don't feel there is a problem with your iPhone battery, in fact if you check it technically, it can be proven if the battery has started having problems.

Then what is the solution to this problem? If you want to know the exact cause of the problem that occurs on your iPhone, then you need to take it to a service provider for a proper diagnosis. After that, improvements will be made so that problems that occur can be resolved or repaired properly.

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