Troubleshooting Mac Sounds Tips

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Sounds is a very crucial component, especially for people who work with audio. But not infrequently we find the Macbook that we use has problems with its sounds. However, you don't need to worry because below are some tips that you can do if your Mac Sounds is having problems:

1. Decrease / Increase MacBook Volume

The first trick you can do is to lower the volume, restart the Mac after that turn up the volume. To do this, you can use the F11 key to turn down the volume. After that, click the Apple logo and select Restart. After your computer reboots, you can use the F12 key to increase the volume. Now, try playing any song to give it a try.

2. Make Sure No Sounds Are Muted on Certain Apps

Just in case your Mac sounds good enough in the music app but not in other apps, like Chrome or Safari, then make sure the sound isn't muted. Check the voice control in the application. If the sound is muted by default, then cancel the sound.

3. Restart Mac Voice Controller

Some users who have experienced the “Sound has stopped working on Mac” warning have reported that restarting the sound controller helped them resolve the issue. Therefore, you can also try this solution. How to launch Finder → Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor, after that find the option 'coreaudiod'. Then you can click the Force Quit (X) button at the top left to manually kill the process.

4. Check System Preferences for Sound on macOS

If the sound of your macOS device hasn't returned to normal, make sure that you've configured the sound settings properly. You can open the System Preferences application and then select the Sound icon. Then, click on the Output tab, then select Internal Speaker. Next, make sure if the box next to Output Volume is unchecked. You should also put the Output Volume slider to the right.

5. Reset PRAM

If some of the basic tricks mentioned above don't work, you can try Reset. To do so, you can simply reload your Mac. After that, immediately press the Command Option (or Alt), P, and R keys at once. Make sure you press the buttons until the computer turns on and beeps.

6. Reset SMC

Apart from trying a Pram reset, you can also try a SMC reset.

7. Update Your Mac Software

Believe it or not, performing a software update has always proven to be quite useful for fixing common problems, such as a self-assigned IP address or a device not showing up in the Finder. Therefore, you can perform the latest macOS update, if the problem is caused by a bug.

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