First Aid To Do When Your MacBook Is Watered

Service MacBook - MacBook that is accidentally exposed to water is certainly a nightmare that users don't want. Moreover, if the inside of the MacBook is also accidentally splashed, such as the keyboard. This of course can cause damage to the most important parts of your device such as the motherboard. If the motherboard is damaged, then you must immediately replace the motherboard components.

If you experience this, you should consider the tips that you should do as first aid when your MacBook is splashed with water:

1. Disconnecting the Charger Cable

If your MacBook is in a charging state, then immediately unplug the charger cable. You must also immediately turn off your device so that it is turned off without any electric current. You need to make sure all power sources are disconnected from your device. Because the device is exposed to water will conduct a very high electric current and also cause an electric shock. This can cause major components such as the motherboard to be exposed to the effects of corrosion from the water spill.

The important thing that you must remember, if your MacBook is exposed to water when charging and immediately turns off, do not connect the charger cable to the laptop unit. You are also not allowed to turn on the laptop with the power button because it will automatically conduct a large enough electric current.

2. Dry the MacBook

You also need to immediately dry the laptop by turning the MacBook upside down, and wiping it with a cloth that absorbs water. Or you can dry using a hairdryer to reduce water that may have entered the laptop.

This effort was made to 'reduce' the risk of water entering through the keyboard gap. If a lot of water is getting in, you can put your MacBook upside down and wait to see how much water comes out .

3. Clean the Wet Part

While turning your MacBook you also need to pay attention to the inside parts such as the USB cable hole, screen, charger hole, camera screen, or other small parts that have the potential to be exposed to the water spill.

Immediately clean the area by using a cotton swab or dry cotton swab to draw the liquid that is in the crevices of the small hole. Perform these actions in an effort to reduce liquid, of course from the parts of the MacBook that are wet.

4. Immediately Take it to Repair

If you have done the methods above but your laptop after that has problems such as not turning on or turning off completely, then you need to immediately take it to the nearest repair service to get further treatment.

To prevent this from happening again, avoid placing any liquid near your MacBook device. Take good care of your MacBook so it doesn't interfere with your work activities.

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