How to Overcome iPhone and iPad Home Button Errors and Tips to Make It More Durable

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - When the gadgets we have only have one main button, of course we can be dizzy if the button is damaged or cannot function normally. For example is the product iPhone and iPad. The main button at the bottom of the screen is very vulnerable to damage.

If your device's home button is having problems, then you can try some of the guidelines below to solve the problems that arise:

1. Home Button Calibration

The Home button on the iPhone and iPad is indeed the most important part. If the button is damaged, then you will have problems using your device. But, it turns out that there is a way to calibrate the home button that can be done easily. The home button will indeed become hard due to prolonged use or not function properly because its position may be out of place or tilted.

Here's how you can do to calibrate the home button:

  • You can run any application, then hold down the power button until "Slide To Power Off" appears. But leave the writing alone.
  • After that, release the power button.
  • Then, press the home button slowly, not too hard and then hold it down until it returns to the home screen. Don't let go until it works.
  • Then try pressing the home button again, is there a difference?

You can do the steps above if the home button is getting stiff. If the method above doesn't work or your device's home button is still stiff, chances are that the button is indeed damaged.

2. Setting the iPhone Connector

Prolonged use of your device can interfere with the function of the home button. This problem can also occur because the charger connector is often installed and also unplugged for a long time. Because the connector is most likely the home button can be shifted or tilted.

To be able to repair the home button, you simply attach the connector to the iPhone, then gently press the connector upwards. This method can force the home button to go up so that it can function normally again. For those of you whose iPhone or iPad device is still fine, the following methods can also be applied so that the iPhone button can be durable and not damaged quickly:

1. Enable Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is an iPhone feature designed to make it easier to use the iPhone for users with poor eyesight. If you activate the Assistive Touch feature, the virtual Home button and Siri will be present on the iPhone screen.

2. Stop Using Home button

iPhone users are mostly used to pressing the home button when activating the lockscreen page. But from now on, you can make it possible to use the power button on the top right to activate your iPhone or iPad. That way, the frequency of using the Home button can be reduced.

3. Take Advantage of Multitasking Gestures on iPad

The Multitasking Gestures feature is designed to allow users to activate the iPad without having to touch the Home button. But unfortunately this feature is often overlooked by iPad owners. By taking advantage of this feature, you will be able to operate the iPad without the need to touch the Home button.

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