MacBook Air Mouse Not Responding, What Should I Do?

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Has the mouse on your MacBook Air stopped responding? Has the cursor of your MacBook mouse stuck or stopped working? Do not panic. This problem can have a variety of causes and, in most cases, is not serious. However, that does not mean that the device you have is damaged.

It's not uncommon to find problems with the wireless keyboard, trackpad, and mouse on computer devices that Apple offers. Fortunately, many solutions are offered to overcome this operational problem. This article will walk you through the steps to ensure your MacBook Air mouse runs efficiently from time to time.

Enable Bluetooth On MacBook Air to Operate Mouse

All you have to do is go to "System preferences", accessible from your MacBook Air's main menu, which is the little black Apple logo at the top left of the screen. Then make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If the Bluetooth symbol is black, it means Bluetooth is enabled on your MacBook Air. However, no peripherals are attached (including a wireless mouse, for example).

If your device is properly connected to your Bluetooth, three small dots will appear on your bluetooth symbol. When there is a small blinking logo on the bluetooth symbol, it means your mouse is running out of power, which might be the reason for its malfunction. If the Bluetooth symbol is gray, it means it is disabled. You only need to enable it to be able to connect to peripherals like your mouse for example.

Enable Wireless Mouse on Your MacBook Air

It's possible that your wireless mouse isn't responding because it hasn't been activated on your MacBook Air. In this case it is necessary to turn on your mouse, which is usually represented by a green light. This switch can be found under the device (mouse) and you just need to activate it. To check if the mouse is turned on, you can go to "System preferences", accessible from the main menu of your MacBook Air (the little black Apple logo located on the far left at the top of the screen). Your bluetooth symbol will appear as connected with your device.

Pair Your Mouse with Your MacBook Air to Be More Responsive

Sometimes a different device doesn't automatically pair with your MacBook Air. Therefore, you need to pair manually. To do this, you'll need to connect a Lightning cable to a USB port or a USB-C cable to a Lightning cable. After verifying that your device is turned on and the green light is on, you can go to “System preferences” » accessible from the main menu of your MacBook Air, which is denoted by the little black Apple logo that you will find at the bottom left of your MacBook screen.

Then click the Bluetooth button » then your mouse will be proposed to you in the list of devices to be connected. You can check the mouse's charge level using the Bluetooth preferences window. Once your mouse is fully charged, it's ready to use wirelessly on your MacBook Air.

Check Your Device Charge Level (Keyboard, Mouse)

The wireless mouse needs to be charged. In fact, they are equipped with rechargeable batteries. To do this, all you have to do is connect it via a cable (provided when you buy a wireless mouse) to your MacBook Air, and make sure it's not in standby. If you want to know the charge level of your wireless mouse, you need to click on the Bluetooth symbol located in the MacBook menu bar.

If after all these checks, the mouse on your MacBook Air is still not responding, you should turn your device off and on again. You can also select the one-click option using the trackpad or simply press a key on your MacBook Air keyboard to reconnect the mouse to your MacBook. This may take a few minutes, but in some cases can solve the problem of a mouse not responding on MacBook Air.

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