IC and Motherboard Issue?

What types of problems could occur with the motherboard or IC’s?

  • Nonfunctioning touchscreen
  • Faulty camera function 
  • A grey button appears on the Wifi icon - Cannot detect Wifi
  • iPhone/ iPad suddenly can’t charge or won’t turn on no matter what is done after several spare parts replacement.
  • The iPhone or iPad may remain stuck in iTunes continuously in many cases

       This of course is not a complete list of problems that could occur with your iPhone or iPad. Yet these problems are quite common in many cases of incorrect repair or inappropriate spare parts. When you take your iPhone or iPad to other service repair centers you risk damaging your phone beyond repair. Trust your device to Dr. Gadget for the best spare parts and expert repairs. While we are the best in the business, we usually cannot fix the damage that other shops had caused when you take your iPhone or iPad to other service providers first. Contact Dr. Gadget directly for the best repairs for your iPhone or iPad today!

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