6 Reasons Why iPhone Is Better Than Android

Service iPhone - Each iPhone offers a unique experience for its users. However, the price of Apple products has always left buyers in doubt: is it worth investing so much money in an iPhone? Or is it better to choose an Android phone? These questions cross the minds of many customers every day and that is why we decided to write an article where we explain 6 reasons to buy an iPhone over an Android phone. We hope that, with these suggestions, you can make the best decision and buy a phone that truly meets your needs!

1. The Most Beautiful and Unique Application

If you are a person who really values ??design, then iPhone is the best choice. Most apps end up having a much more attractive design on iPhone than on Android devices. In addition, most of the app developers choose to launch the iOS version of the app first and then the Android version of the app. This is because, statistically speaking, the iPhone audience has more purchasing power and therefore many of these developers prioritize it.

2. Constant Update

Apple really cares about user experience and that is why they are constantly releasing new software updates. And this update regardless of how old what kind of smartphone you have. In our case we have an iPhone 6 (it's already 8 years old) and it keeps the operating system up to date and running without any issues. On Android phones, you can only update your software within 18 months of purchase. After that, if you want to use the latest version of the software, you will have to buy a new smartphone.

3. Connection with All Devices

Do you own a Mac Book Pro or iMac, or are you thinking about buying one? Then iPhone is the best choice for you. This is because all these devices relate to each other very well. You can make calls from your iPhone using your Mac, you can receive and send messages, sync files to iCloud, and more! Finish working on one device and start it again on another, there will be no problem. Not to mention photos, videos, calendars, contacts, etc., which are also synchronized. In the case of Android, you will often need a third-party app to be able to do all this.

4. There will be no additional apps

When you buy Android, you often get some extra apps from outside companies that you can't remove. This ends up hurting your settings, as well as taking up space on your Android memory. On iPhone, you only have native apps made by Apple. All the rest you can delete easily.

5. Greater Durability

If you take good care of your iPhone, the chances that it will last longer than any Android phone (regardless of smartphone manufacturer) are much higher. First, because the software is simpler and less virus-infected, something that often happens on Android. On the other hand, the hardware material is much more durable than most other phones.

6. AirDrop is a Very Easy App

With the release of AirDrop, sharing photos, videos or links has become very easy. In just a few steps, you send it to your close friends using AirDrop. This may seem insignificant, but if you have friends who are switching from iPhone to Android, you will find that file sharing integration becomes a lot more difficult.

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